It's an extraordinary documentary film: 'GOLD – U CAN DO MORE THAN U THINK' tells the life stories of three Paralympic athletes, each one an extraordinary human being.

The film-makers were accompanying the inspirational athletes on the road to London and during the Games. In the spotlight are Kirsten Bruhn, a world-class swimmer from Germany, the Australian Kurt Fearnley, a world-champion wheelchair racer, and Henry Wanyoike from Kenya, one of the world's fastest blind marathon runners.

What makes the film so remarkable is the passion, strength and zest for life that drives these three athletes. Their stories turn GOLD into a stirring message addressing every man, woman and child with or without a disability: live your dream, overcome barriers, dare to do things that seem impossible – U CAN DO MORE THAN U THINK!

The film's director is Grimme award winner Michael Hammon. Together with his talented team, he has been following the athletes in Australia, Kenya and Germany since July 2011. The film, which is being supported by the German National Tourist Board, came to cinemas in spring 2013. Now it is available on DVD/Blu-Ray.

Take a look at the trailers and picture gallery for a sneak preview of this extraordinary and inspiring project.

Introducing the athletes

Kirsten Bruhn lives her dream

In 1991 a motorbike accident while on holiday in Greece turned Kirsten Bruhn's young life upside down. She spent seven months in rehabilitation in a hospital in Hamburg-Boberg. A diagnosis of incomplete paraplegia appeared to have shattered all her dreams. But she didn't give up. And now, in her early forties, she is a celebrated Paralympic athlete.

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Kurt Fearnley has never allowed himself to be held back

Australian Kurt Fearnley doesn't take no for an answer. As he says himself: "you can overcome all obstacles if you really want". Born in 1981 without the lower part of his spine, he never let his disability get in his way, even as a child. Raised in the small town of Carcoar in Australia, he played football with the other children. Today, he is one of the best wheelchair racers in the world and is in line to win his third gold medal at the Paralympic marathon.

Henry Wanyoike follows his vision

In 1995, aged just 21, Henry Wanyoike had a stroke that robbed him of his sight. The Kenyan was sent to a rehabilitation centre supported by the Christoffel Blind Mission, which saved him from a life spent begging on the streets. While at the centre, Wanyoike started to believe in himself again. He began to train and went on to become one of the fastest blind marathon runners in the world. Today he says: "I have lost my sight, but I haven't lost my vision."

GOLD is a production of Parapictures Film Production and was initiated by the German Social Accident Insurance association (DGUV). It is being funded by the regional and national film foundations Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein and Deutscher Filmförderfonds and distributed by NFP* marketing & distribution. The patrons of the GOLD project are Federal Minister of the Interior Dr Hans-Peter Friedrich and Willi Lemke, UN Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Sport for Development and Peace.