Völklingen: UrbanArt Biennale 2013 ©Weltkulturerbe Völklinger Hütte (Oliver Dietze)
Mar 13, 2017

2017 Urban Art Biennale – a different take on art

Immerse yourself in the world of urban art, which has its roots in graffiti, and explore this contemporary form of artistic expression.

Every two years the UNESCO World Heritage Völklingen Ironworks hosts the Urban Art Biennale, regarded as one of the most important exhibitions in this field. This years' event invites you to explore urban art in South America.

From 9 April to 5 November you can visit a truly amazing exhibition of abstract creativity that explores current trends in interventional urban art, and particularly those in South America. This artistic movement actively alters and shapes the townscape, and some artists have created pieces specifically for this venue. You can look forward to works from artists such as MadC, OX, Mambo, Subtu and Franco Fasoli.

An attraction for all the family

The Völklingen Ironworks, the world's only surviving smelting works from the Golden Age of the iron and steel industry, provides a fitting stage for urban art. Nowadays, the site is a popular cultural venue and adventure park. The former charging platform, for example, offers spectacular views from 30 metres above the ground. As well as visiting one of the many other exhibitions here, you can also explore the four elements at the Ferrodrom science centre. A fabulous experience for the whole family!

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