Full Frontal Theater ©FFT
Jul 17, 2017

Be embraced at the Ruhrtriennale

Spanning venues from Dortmund to Dinslaken, the Ruhrtriennale is one of Germany's biggest and best arts festivals. It's not only the performances and installations that make it so, but also the venues that play host to them – which have their own authentic stories to tell.

The Ruhrtriennale returns to a enthusiastic reception every summer, bringing something new to the table each time. It is a unique festival that takes inspiration from the origins of the Ruhr valley– the architecture of the industrial era, the lives of the erstwhile workers, the rise, decline and rebirth of the region – and connects all this with current developments in the international cultural scene. The history of the area and the stories that the artists tell give rise to a formidable energy that enthrals all those who attend, whichever venue they end up in. The Jahrhunderthalle in Bochum, with the adjacent Turbine Hall and Steam Blower House, serves as the natural centre of the festival.

From the Ruhr valley to the world

The festival takes place over a range of spectacular venues across the Ruhr valley, from Duisburg through Essen to Bottrop. These include former power stations, coking plants, engine houses and mines, such as the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex World Heritage site, as well as slag heaps and brownfield sites created by the mining and steel industries. So it's no surprise that the Ruhrtriennale consistently attracts leading artists and performers from all over the world, who develop their creations with these extraordinary locations in mind. The programme features a range of formats that include original performances, world premieres, musical theatre, drama, dance, installations and buzzing concerts. This year, the Ruhrtriennale will take place from 18 August to 30 September under the banner of 'Seid umschlungen' ('Be embraced') – words taken from Friedrich Schiller's Ode to Joy. With this theme in mind, the Ruhrtriennale aspires to embrace on an artistic, social and geographic level, resulting in an event that's simply not to be missed. Click here for more information.