Feb 21, 2013

Brothers Grimm Fairytale Festival

The Brothers Grimm were born in Hanau, and every year the town brings their timeless stories to life. Four fairytales are performed against a romantic backdrop in the park of Philippsruhe Palace and a further 100 or so events are organised for visitors. This year the fairytales, one of which is always a musical, will be performed from 17 May to 21 July.

You can also explore the history of the Brothers Grimm on the German Fairytale Route. The 600km route from Hanau to Bremen passes through fascinating places associated with the Brothers Grimm and their fairytales.

To celebrate several anniversaries, a year-long programme of cultural events has been organised under the banner GRIMM 2013, focusing on the lives and works of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm and their artist brother Ludwig Emil.