Sep 05, 2013

Germany's most beautiful walking trails

Germany's most beautiful walking trails for 2013 have been revealed. The three most popular routes this year in Germany are the Felsenland Sagenweg, a scenic route of myths and legends, the Danube Peaks Trail, and the Heidschnuckenweg, named after the Heidschnucke sheep that graze in the local area. Top spot on the list of best tours for 2013 goes to the Eltz Castle Mountain Panorama Trail in the eastern Eifel. The German magazine Wandermagazin has been successfully running the survey since 2006 based on votes cast by walking enthusiasts. The award ceremony will take place on Saturday 7 September 2013 as part of the TourNatur consumer fair in Düsseldorf, Germany's only dedicated exhibition for walking and trekking.