©Manuela Schneider
Feb 26, 2018

Goethe's Faust in Munich: One drama. One city. Hundreds of events.

When events based on one acclaimed literary classic keep a major city's event schedule busy for five months, visitors are in for a cultural and artistic treat.

In 1808, Johann Wolfgang Goethe published the first part of Faust, one of the most significant pieces of writing in German literature. More than 200 years later, the celebrated masterpiece is taking centre stage in Munich. From 23 February to 29 July 2018, around 200 partners and institutions across the city will be presenting their Faust-themed projects in a bid to entertain and enthral visitors and locals alike. Exhibitions, concerts, film screenings, talks, stage plays, dance performances, parties and guided tours will offer manifold opportunities for audiences to immerse themselves in Goethe's story and the astonishing variety of events – more than 500 in all – will give visitors entirely new and different insights into this extraordinary piece. They will find that the character of Goethe's Dr Faust is surprisingly contemporary. He is a prototypical modern-day man – on a restless quest, yet unable to reach what he yearns for. His questions remain the great questions of our time.

Faust – by all and for all

The festival offers the Bavarian capital an unprecedented opportunity to display its cultural riches. The programme features up-and-coming artists and performers as well as events hosted by major institutions such as the Kunsthalle München art gallery, the Residenztheater and the Kingdom of Crystals museum. The Paulaner am Nockherberg, a famous Bavarian brewhouse, will serve a special Faust beer and Kasperls Spuikastl, an artist couple from Munich, will perform Faust as a Punch and Judy show. 'Faust – by all and for all' is the headline of this five-month celebration of Goethe's classic that brings together a wide array of completely different approaches to the topic without imposing any creative boundaries. For more information, visit: https://faust.muenchen.de.