Universum Bremen Plasmakugel ©Universum® Bremen (Universum® Bremen)
Jan 29, 2018

Join in the fun at Germany's science centres

Pressing, kneading, pulling, tipping – youngsters can explore the world of science with all their senses at Germany's science centres.

Have you ever been to a venue where your kids didn't want to leave, despite subjects such as maths, physics and chemistry being the focus? Well, in Germany there are no fewer than 25 science centres that are exactly like this. These fun-packed venues present fascinating scientific and technical phenomena in a way that inspires visitors to explore and get hands on – they are actively encouraged to experiment to their heart's content and give everything a go. The science centres shed light on many mysteries, and thanks to their appealing design they are the ideal place in winter to while away a few hours, no matter what the weather. At the phæno in Wolfsburg, 300 experiments – including Europe's largest fire tornado – offer insights into the captivating world of science. The Spectrum Science Centre in Berlin has around 150 interactive experiments in the fields of perception, physics and technology, split into eight themes such as 'light and vision' and 'music and hearing'.

Maths can be fun!

The Universum Bremen brings mankind, Earth and the cosmos to life. There are around 250 stations to explore in the vast exhibition space at this futuristic whale-shaped building. Take a seat on the earthquake sofa, for example, and get a taste of the power of nature. Adventureland Mathematics in Dresden and the Mathematikum in Giessen are the world's first interactive museums dedicated to mathematics. Here, you can be amazed by a giant ball run or be encased in a huge soap bubble. The Technoseum in Mannheim not only offers many experiments to try, it also takes you on an interactive journey back in time that you'll be talking about for a long time after. For more information, visit technoseum.de.