Spreewald: Bird hotel, cherry blossom ©Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus e.V. (Caspar Diederik)
Mar 27, 2017

Jump into Easter, Spring into Germany

With Easter just around the corner, Germans are making preparations for the holidays and the arrival of spring. Find out here how you can get involved and find that 'spring feeling'!

When it comes to celebrating Easter, Germany has no shortage of festivities and traditions. Some of these are better known around the world than you might think. For instance, you might not know that the Easter Bunny is originally a German creation – and is actually a hare, not a rabbit! Although the folkloric figure of the 'Osterhase' was born in Germany centuries ago, he's still well-known today for hiding colourfully painted eggs and tasty treats in the garden for children to find. An egg-hunt is a fun activity for the whole family, no matter whether you’re young or young at heart!

If you're spending the Easter weekend in Germany, don't be alarmed by the number of bonfires that you encounter! It's a popular tradition everyone can get involved in, and there's no better way to welcome in the new season than warming yourself beside the fire, as the flames drive away evil spirits and the cold of winter. Easter bonfires are lit all across Germany, from the banks of the river Elbe in Hamburg to the heights of the Harz mountains. If you'd prefer to start off spring with a shopping spree, then why not take a stroll through one of Germany's Easter markets? These take place in Essen, Bad Tölz and many other cities, towns and villages across the country, providing the perfect opportunity to discover regional handicrafts such as Sorbian Easter eggs and try out local delicacies.

Spring Fever in Germany

Slowly but surely, spring is making its way across Germany. Nature has awakened from its slumber – the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and the mood is light and cheerful. Take advantage of all the new season has to offer with a leisurely walk along the Heidschnuckenweg trail on Lüneburg Heath. If you opt for a cycling tour of Lake Constance instead, be sure to make a stop at Mainau island, known as the 'Blumeninsel' ('flowering island') due to its beautiful parks and gardens.

Flower festivals and regional garden shows also provide the perfect opportunity to make the most of what spring is all about. Thuringia's fourth regional garden show will take place in the town of Apolda between 29 April and 24 September. It's not the only federal state putting on such a display – North Rhine-Westphalia is also hosting its own garden show between 12 April and 15 October in Bad Lippspringe, near the city of Paderborn. Be sure to pay these a visit while they're in full bloom!

For details of upcoming events and other ways to welcome in the spring, click here.