Rope Bridge Harz ©DZT (Christian Binder)
May 29, 2017

Record-breaking attraction in Harz Nature Park

Germany's northernmost mountain range boasts a very special vantage point for those with a head for heights. Stretching across the Rappbode valley in the Harz, the world's longest swing bridge is now open.

Surrounded by rock faces, forests and water as far as the eye can see, the Tintan RT is an intricate 439-metre-long cable construction that clings to the slate valley walls under a tremendous 947 tonnes of tension. It will take your breath away – and so will the spectacular scenery. The footbridge, which took just ten months to build, makes the Harz Mountains Nature Park and Geopark a world record holder. It measures 1.2 metres in width and crosses the valley at a height of 100 metres. For the ultra-adventurous a pendulum jump, called the Gigaswing, is situated at the middle of the bridge. Do you dare to leap into the depths of the valley attached to a 65-metre swinging rope?

The highlights of the Harz

If that leaves you wanting more, the nearby Harz Witches' Trail is a quality-certified hiking trail that shows the Harz in all its magical and mystical glory. The long-distance route crosses the Harz National Park, passing by such highlights as the narrow waterways of the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Harz water management system, and myth-enshrouded Mount Brocken – perfect for nature lovers and walking enthusiasts. The Harz Witches' Trail offers a captivating mix of nature, geology, history and culture, and it has recently been further enhanced by a series of art installations, or 'experience islands', that turn walkers' attention to interesting but easily overlooked features on the wayside. Want to discover more about the Harz region? Click here for more information.

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