The Externsteine rock formations, Teutoburg Forest ©DZT (Florian Trykowski)
Aug 07, 2017

Slow travel: giving yourself time to take it all in

What's the difference between going on holiday and simply 'travelling'? With holidays, you're often bound to a specific schedule once you arrive at your destination. Yet when it comes to travelling, your journey is the destination. You can do much less than usual, and not feel bad about it – particularly in Germany, where it's easy to take things slow while you're on the move.

Sometimes it's better to take a completely different approach to travel. Put quality over quantity, dial it down a notch or two, and let your nose, your appetite or even your gut feeling guide you to your next destination. For instance, you can follow old pilgrimage routes through forests and plains, taking in the scent of nature as you hike through the impressive landscapes that lie between the Alps and the sea. Or you can enjoy experiences to remember and meet all kinds of different people at Germany's many festivals and events, which offer a blend of traditions, customs and culture.

Rest and relaxation for mind and body

If it's spiritual nourishment you're seeking, Germany has plenty of churches and abbeys to visit, and many can even provide accommodation for a truly unique stay. And on the subject of nourishment, trust in your intuition and stop off for a bite whenever and wherever your stomach rumbles. German cuisine focuses on regional ingredients and honest, traditional dishes. Whichever region you end up in, you can get around at a pace that suits you using a number of sustainable travel options – by bus, rail, bicycle, or even by canoe!

Spiritual highlights

Still looking for ways to nurture the soul? Then pay a visit to one of our 16 featured spiritual highlights across Germany, such as the Pilgrimage Church of Wies in Bavaria or the Eberbach Abbey in Hessen. The witches' dancing ground in the Harz mountains, meanwhile, boasts glorious scenery all around, and on quiet nights you can lie down, count the stars and feel the magic in the air. No matter where you go, there's always something moving, inspiring and authentic to discover. Welcome to Germany!

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