Apr 22, 2013

Störtebeker Festival on Rügen

The 2013 season marks the start of a new cycle for the Störtebeker Festival on the island of Rügen. From 21 June 2013, performances of 'The Beginning of a Legend' will present new stories about the adventures of pirate Klaus Störtebeker. With 150 cast and crew, four ships, 30 horses and a host of special effects, this family event at the Ralswiek open-air theatre on the Great Jasmund Lagoon promises to be a theatre experience to remember. There is also an opportunity to watch eagles, falcons and buzzards in free flight at the 'Kings of the Air' show. The firework display every evening is a real highlight.

The island of Rügen with its seaside resorts of Binz and Sellin is an ideal destination for wellness holidays. However, the scenic highlights of the island's nature reserves are also well worth discovering and include the famous Cape Arkona.