Haidl-Madl Ferien & Wohnen: surrounded by 6ha of land ©Haidl-Madl-FerienWohnen GbR, Ingrid Haidl-Madl
Sep 11, 2017

Sustainable accommodation to suit all tastes

Environmentally friendly accommodation is bang on trend and has plenty to offer, whether you prefer it simple or well-appointed, in the city-centre or tucked away in the heart of nature.

You can sleep in a room made of sustainable building materials, eat delicious locally sourced food, and generally enjoy a green holiday. Perfect for anyone looking to explore Germany with minimum impact on the environment. Many accommodation providers here have taken a sustainable approach to running their business. The emphasis is very much on recycling, reducing energy and water consumption, and using renewable energies and waste heat recovery systems.

Accommodation as you like it

Germany's vibrant cities and delightful countryside provide plenty of choice for a sustainable night's sleep. The range of accommodation covers everything from hostels and holiday apartments to wonderful hotels offering high standards of quality and service. You can find an overview on this easy-to-use map.

If you prefer to get close to nature and sleep beneath the stars, why not visit one of the more than 1,200 campsites spread across Germany? Whether it's a tent, a camping cabin or a camper van, our certified eco-friendly campsites will ensure that the only mark left on nature will be your footprints. You can use the filter in our campsite search function to find your ideal site. Deutsche Bahn provides a particularly sustainable and convenient way of travelling through Germany – using only green electricity, if you wish. When will you hop aboard?