Pegasus Coastiality ©Europapark (Hans-Joerg_Haas)
Jun 20, 2017

Theme parks in Germany – where all the action is

They're not just an attraction for kids and teens, Germany's theme parks are also record breakers when it comes to fun and speed.

Looking for thrills and spills? Then a visit to one of Germany's theme parks is guaranteed to deliver – whether you're enjoying one of the world's largest drop towers, the fastest wild water ride, or the scariest ghost train. Few other European countries have such a wealth of theme parks, many of which feature record-breaking attractions. Phantasialand near Cologne, for example, is the home of Taron, the world's fastest multi-launch rollercoaster, which also features the world's fastest launching system. At Europa-Park in Rust near Freiburg you will find Silver Star, one of Europe's longest and fastest rollercoasters. And if you prefer something a little more retro, why not visit Heide Park, situated between Hamburg and Hannover, for a ride on the world's highest and fastest wooden rollercoaster.

Experience dizzying heights on the Voletarium – new to Europa-Park

The Voletarium, Europa-Park's latest attraction, is Europe's largest flying theatre and offers visitors an amazing multi-sensory adventure. Come on board and enjoy a spectacular 5D flight across Europe and discover the captivating world of aviation pioneers Kaspar and Eckbert Eulenstein.

Germany's theme parks are guaranteed to be the highlight of any family trip, whether it is an action-packed day out or a weekend with a stay at a theme park hotel. You can find out more here.