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Feb 13, 2017

Understand German – understand Germany!

The best way to learn about the culture of a country is through the people and the language. Here we'll tell you about some of many different ways you can learn German in Germany.

Admittedly, German is not an easy language to learn, but it is the key to really understanding our culture. For example, you'll hear lots of sayings that contain the word schwein, which means pig, and of course we are known for our love of sausages! Phrases, idioms and expressions make our language unique, quirky and often humorous too. Why not test your German by taking our short quiz?

Learning German is fun!

The wide variety of language courses on offer means you're sure to find something to suit. Perhaps you want to learn German for your career, for your degree or for a holiday? Whatever your motivation and whatever your level, there is a course for you. And on the subject of motivation, learning German is twice as much fun when you do it with friends and like-minded people. You could test your newly acquired skills on a night out at a bar, for example, or on a shopping trip. The options are endless! Take a look on social networks such as Facebook or Couchsurfing for a German-language group near where you live. Pub crawls are another great way to come into contact with locals and other language learners.

Outside the classroom

In addition to their courses, lots of language schools offer a wide range of leisure itineraries for all times of the year. From visits to museums and shopping expeditions to going out to eat, there are so many different ways to find out about life in Germany outside the classroom. And at the weekend it's well worth heading off to explore a new and exciting region. Why not pay a visit to a historic city such as Rostock or Heidelberg? You could even take a break from studying by going on a relaxing hike, which, as you'll find out, is one of our favourite past-times in Germany!

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