Oceanographic Museum/Ozeaneum aquarium, Stralsund ©Klaus Andrews
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  • Open all year, closed 24 December
  • Guided tours
  • Feeding displays
  • Disabled-friendly, wheelchairs/wheel walkers available
  • Special exhibitions
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  • Suitable for children aged 5+



German Oceanographic Museum with Ozeaneum – at home with Happy Feet and Nemo

The German Oceanographic Museum in Stralsund's old town and the Ozeaneum aquarium (winner of the Swedish Environment Prize) in Stralsund harbour are in a league of their own. Designed to appeal to a wide audience, both attractions explore the underwater world in new and exciting ways. Suitable for ages five and above.

Many of us will have looked out to sea and wondered what it would be like to dive in to the world of sharks, rays, seahorses and octopuses and to marvel at the colourful variety of the coral reefs and the ocean's depths. Now you can find out at the German Oceanographic Museum and Ozeaneum aquarium. The museum inside the former Dominican Abbey of St. Katharine in Stralsund's old town features exhibitions on oceanography as well as aquariums of tropical and Mediterranean species. If it has fins or it lives underwater, you'll find it here – from seahorses, sharks and any number of fish right through to colourful corals. The turtle pool is one of the largest in Germany and would be well worth visiting in its own right. Discover the mysterious world of the ocean at night on a torchlight guided tour and you'll see that the ocean has always been, and still is, a fascinating adventure into the unknown.


The Children's Sea section of Ozeaneum's permanent exhibition is designed for children aged between six and twelve, offering lots of fun ways to learn about the sea. They can get up close to fish in the demonstration pool, or go through the deep-sea adventure tunnel for a submarine-like experience. Up above on the research deck, kids examine marine creatures under a microscope and find out how they reproduce, feed and escape danger. At the audio station they get to hear the sounds of seahorses, clownfish and crayfish. Outside there is a giant seaweed bed, perfect for hiding away and discovering what life in the sea is like for barnacles, crabs and tiny crustaceans. There is also the chance to see Humboldt penguins as they waddle around, feed and swim. Over one million visitors each year can't be wrong!

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