Hospitals in Germany

In the 2,000 or so hospitals in Germany, the flat organisational hierarchies and intensive collaboration between specialist departments mean that patients receive comprehensive treatment at the cutting edge of research. Many hospitals have also set up additional services for international patients.
Ulm University Hospital

Ulm University Hospital for Urology is one of Germany's largest centres in this field and offers the full spectrum of modern urology and paediatric urology. This includes minimally invasive surgical techniques, organ-saving tumour surgery, in particular for tumours of the upper urinary tract, and paediatric procedures. Ulm University Hospital is home to numerous specialist departments and institutes that work on an interdisciplinary basis.

West German Diabetes Clinic and Health Centre in the Düsseldorf Catholic Hospital Group

As well as offering comprehensive treatment to sufferers of diabetes mellitus, the West German Diabetes Clinic and Health Centre (WDGZ) in Düsseldorf carries out regular check-ups, remote monitoring by telemedics and behavioural therapies for at-risk patients. The centre is under the supervision of Professor Stephan Martin, a leading expert in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and treatment of diabetes mellitus.

HELIOS ENDO Hospital in Hamburg

The HELIOS ENDO Hospital in Hamburg is Europe's largest specialist centre for bone, joint and spinal surgery. Every year the HELIOS ENDO medical staff help restore mobility to more than 6,700 people. The ENDO Hospital is a global leader in the treatment of prosthetic infections. It is also a pioneer and the biggest institution of its kind in the world for endoprosthetic surgery, performing nearly 5,600 of these operations a year.

German Heart Centre Munich (DHM)

The German Heart Centre Munich (DHM), part of Munich University of Technology, is one of the world's most modern specialist centres for the treatment of cardiovascular disease in adults and children. An early milestone was the first successful heart transplant in Germany, which took place on 7 May 1981.

endogap Joint Replacement Institute at Garmisch-Partenkirchen Hospital

The endogap Joint Replacement Institute at Garmisch-Partenkirchen Hospital is one of the top five specialist endoprosthetic hospitals in Germany. As one of the few hospitals of this kind worldwide, it has specialised in treating hip and knee joint complaints for over 40 years – and has carried out more than 40,000 operations during that time.

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