Hospitals in Germany

In the 2,000 or so hospitals in Germany, the flat organisational hierarchies and intensive collaboration between specialist departments mean that patients receive comprehensive treatment at the cutting edge of research. Many hospitals have also set up additional services for international patients.
University Hospital Aachen
University Hospital Aachen

University Hospital Aachen occupies one of the largest hospital buildings in Europe and brings diagnostics, therapy, research and teaching together under one roof. Patients benefit from the compact arrangement of the hospital, the close interdisciplinary cooperation with other departments and the systematic integration of research and medical care. Multilingual staff are on hand to help with any queries (visas, cost estimates and transport).

Munich University Hospital
Munich University Hospital

The Hospital of the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich is a centre of advanced medicine, technical progress and innovation which also manages to instil in its patients a feeling of individual care, security and trust. It is regarded as one of Germany's leading university hospitals because of its highly qualified team of 9,000 staff who perform outstanding work in research, teaching and patient care.

St. Mauritius Therapy Clinic, Meerbusch
St. Mauritius Therapy Clinic

The St. Mauritius Therapy Clinic at the Düsseldorf Catholic Hospital Group (VKKD) is the most modern neurological rehabilitation clinic in the Düsseldorf region. Patients benefit from an experienced neurological rehabilitation team and a dedicated, state-of-the art diagnostics department with an MRI scanner and a robot-assisted treatment unit.

'rechts der Isar' Hospital
'rechts der Isar' Hospital, Technical University of Munich

'Knowledge creates cures' – that is the guiding principle for medical care at the Technical University of Munich. The hospital fosters a close link between medical research and patient care, with every new finding made by the doctors and scientists being directly used to benefit patients. And it has been internationally successful with this philosophy: the 'rechts der Isar' Hospital and the Technical University of Munich's Faculty of Medicine have together won worldwide recognition – for patient care, research and teaching.

Dortmund Fertility Centre
Dortmund Fertility Centre

The Dortmund Fertility Centre offers all the latest diagnostic tests and treatments in the field of reproductive medicine. The centre has close links with research and teaching at the universities of Münster and Witten/Herdecke in North Rhine-Westphalia. It offers state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and medical technology in a pleasant environment and calls on the services of highly qualified employees in all departments.

amedes Fertility Centre, Hamburg
amedes Fertility Centre, Hamburg

The Centre for Endocrinology, Fertility and Prenatal Medicine at the amedes Fertility Centre Barkhof is easily accessible thanks to its location in the heart of Hamburg. This interdisciplinary practice specialises in all forms of hormonal disorders in men and women, osteology, fertility problems, investigations into male fertility and prenatal medicine.

Bad Oeynhausen Heart and Diabetes Centre
Bad Oeynhausen Heart and Diabetes Centre, Ruhr University in Bochum

The Heart and Diabetes Centre in Bad Oeynhausen, North Rhine-Westphalia, is a leading specialist hospital in Europe, treating 38,000 patients per year, 15,000 of which are inpatients. For over 25 years now, four university hospitals and institutes have been working together under one roof on an interdisciplinary basis. Ultra-modern high-tech medicine combined with a very pleasant hospital environment are what make the Heart and Diabetes Centre such an excellent facility.

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