Restaurant Zirbelstube in Stuttgart: Bernhard Diers' strictly balanced classic cuisine
Zirbelstube at Hotel am Schlossgarten ©Hotel am Schlossgarten

Restaurant Zirbelstube in Stuttgart: Bernhard Diers' strictly balanced classic cuisine

Stuttgart's most prestigious address: in Restaurant Zirbelstube at Hotel am Schlossgarten, Bernhard Diers conjures distinctly classic, produce-centred cuisine.

During his many years at the Zirbelstube, Bernhard Diers has continuously refined his classically French, produce-centred cuisine, creating surprising accents and finely nuanced harmonies with each and every dish. A confirmed ingredient fanatic, Diers is always searching for supreme quality, which he dramatises within an intricately spun network of flavours. Whilst his cooking is based strictly on classic French foundations, the way he concentrates on the absolute essentials and his open compositions engender spectrums of flavour both transparent and light.

One graphic illustration of Diers' approach is his Bresse pigeon with beetroot tapioca, blutwurst baguette and orange jus.By subtly coating the pigeon breast in a light peanut crust, he gives it just enough substance to hold its own as the protagonist. The crispy baguette with blutwurst pieces introduces a firm earthiness that leads to a balanced interplay between sweetness and acidity, preventing the beetroot and the orange from gaining the upper hand. With his Breton turbot with artichoke butter, leek & macadamia risotto and smoked bacon foam , the first hit is the meatiness of the turbot whilst a moment later a thrilling dialogue erupts between herbal, hearty and nutty notes, which is beautifully mediated by the artichoke butter.

Susanne Diers' impeccable service and expert wine recommendations from sommelier Schön complete the Zirbelstube gastronomic experience.

© Prof. Dr. Ingo Scheuermann

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