Landmarks of wine culture

As its famous monasteries, deep cellars, old vineyard sites and countless stories testify, Germany's great tradition of winemaking started with the ancient Romans. Discover treasures such as the oldest wine in the world, Götz von Berlichingen's vineyard, the world's biggest wine barrel and many more highlights of wine culture.
Wine cellar at the Vereinigte Hospitien estate

Germany's Roman heritage is tangible here. The origins of Germany's oldest wine cellar at the Vereinigte Hospitien (United Hospices) estate in Trier date back to the year 330 AD when two huge warehouses, known as horrea, stood here on the banks of the Moselle. Their walls with layers of decorative brickwork were up to eight metres high and still remain intact.

Winery on the Würzburger Stein: uncompromisingly independent

The Winery on the Würzburger Stein is situated on sun-kissed slopes north of a bow in the river Main. The limestone soils provide the basis for Ludwig Knoll's high-quality wines, which are mainly of the silvaner and the acclaimed steinwein varieties. Knoll has been managing the estate, which has been in the family for generations, since 1991 and given it his own modern and individual style.

Wine town of Deidesheim: home of German qualitätswein

The first qualitätswein in the Palatinate was made here and Deidesheim was influential in shaping German and global wine regulations. With a history of wine-making dating back 2,000 years, the town is justified in calling itself the custodian of wine-making heritage.

Winklerberg vineyard's volcanic vines

Grape vines in Ihringen in the Kaiserstuhl hills thrive in lava from the remains of a volcano that has been extinct for 15 million years. Wine has been produced in the area since at least 962 AD, although the Romans probably grew grapes here before that, because the Kaiserstuhl region is the warmest, sunniest vineyard region in Germany.

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