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Bremen and Bremerhaven: the city, the countryside and the sea.

Bremen: a regional capital and trading city with a long-standing maritime heritage. Bremerhaven: 1,000 years Bremen's junior but still steeped in history and with many tales to tell. These two cities together form Germany's smallest federal state – a world of experiences that is cosmopolitan, welcoming and full of pleasures, open to the new and respectful of the old.

Bremen's history goes back more than 1,200 years and is perfectly encapsulated by the baroque and Renaissance ensemble on the market square, home to the UNESCO World Heritage Town Hall and Roland statue, patrician town houses and the Schütting, Bremen's historical guildhall. Sightseers won't even need a map to find their way around. Two thousand nails made of brass and steel guide visitors from the courtyard of the Church of our Lady via the market square to Böttcherstrasse. Once a tradesmen's alley, this narrow lane is now a centre for art and culture, and a jewel in the crown of European cultural history. The people here appreciate the finer things in life – internationally renowned coffee, chocolate of the highest quality, rare spices, tasty fish specialities and, of course, world-class beers. These can all be found in the city's charming shops, where time seems to have stood still, or in more than 1,000 cafés, restaurants, bistros and bars. Just 60 kilometres downstream lies Bremerhaven, first established in 1827. From its port, millions of emigrants stole their last glance at Europe before going in search of a better life in America. Many found it, others failed. The German Emigration Centre® recounts their fates in fascinating multimedia exhibits that bring their great adventures back to life. By contrast, the Harbour Worlds complex is rooted firmly in the present day. Here you will find ATLANTIC Hotel SAIL City with its bold curved design, Klimahaus® Bremerhaven 8° Ost and the German Maritime Museum – three absolute must-sees.

Not far from the Maritime Museum is a fountain featuring a small gnome-like character known as the Klabautermann (water sprite). According to folklore this barely two-foot tall imp is the spirit of someone who died and whose soul took up residence in a tree. Should this tree become a mast of a ship, the spirit will transform into a Klabautermann, a welcome figure – in spite of all his bad moods and terrible jokes – because he watches over the ship and its crew. A charming legend – and a classic example of Bremerhaven's maritime heritage. You can find out about life at sea, and about the past, present and future of the entire region at the centrally located History Museum, whose bold, visionary architecture is a standout feature of one of the prettiest and most tranquil parts of this port city. Back in Bremen, another unusual exhibition building is the Weserburg, Bremen's museum of modern art. It is housed in four converted warehouses in the middle of the river and enjoys international acclaim as one of Germany's biggest contemporary art galleries and Europe's first collectors' museum. Staying by the water, the very modern Schlachte is Bremen's newly regenerated promenade alongside the Weser. There's always a great buzz here in the delightful beer gardens and outdoor eating areas – and all with beautiful riverside views, of course. If you find yourself heading back towards the nearby market square from here, don't forget to pay your respects to the Bremen Town Musicians, the world-famous characters from the Brothers Grimm fairytale. Touching the donkey's legs is said to bring good luck, but remember to use both hands. As far as the locals are concerned, using only one hand is simply a case of two donkeys shaking hands. And no visitor to Bremen deserves that!


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Ayuntamiento y estatua de Rolando

Bremen: Dos Patrimonios de la Humanidad

Bremen no suele estar en los itinerarios turísticos por Alemania, pese a que la ciudad está llena de motivos para dedicarle algo de tiempo. Allí se inventó el café descafeinado, es el destino para Los músicos de Bremen, el famoso cuento de los hermanos Grimm; se produce la cerveza Beck’s y cuenta con un par de lugares inscritos en la lista del Patrimonio de la Humanidad de la Unesco: el Ayuntamiento y la estatua de Roland. El Ayuntamiento Teniendo en cuenta el especial estatus de Bremen como ciudad-estado, el edificio del Ayuntamiento aún cobra mayor relevancia. El edificio es de principios del siglo XV y está considerado no sólo uno de los más impresionantes de Alemania sino uno de los mejores ejemplos del gótico en Europa, aunque con el paso de los años se añadieron detalles renacentistas a su fachada. En el interior podemos conocer la relación de la ciudad con la liga Hanseática. Aunque la curiosidad, una vez cruzamos la puerta, es la de poder comer en un restaurante con 600 años de antigüedad y bebernos alguna botella de vino de la gran variedad de referencias que encontramos en la bodega. La estatua de Roland Encontramos la estatua en la misma plaza del Ayuntamiento, en la Am Markt (plaza del Mercado). Son 5,47 metros de Rolando, de piedra caliza, que junto con el pedestal, la columna y el baldaquino hacen un total de 10,21 metros. En sus manos sostiene la espada Durandarte, símbolo de justicia. El enorme tamaño y la ubicación de la estatua no es un hecho fortuito en absoluto. Representa la independencia y los derechos de la ciudad, relacionados con la libertad de comercio. Hay más. La estatua lleva en la plaza desde 1404, pero antes había tenido otra ubicación. Cuentan que cuando surgieron problemas entre la ciudad y la iglesia los comerciantes la pusieron mirando a la catedral: “Vosotros ahí y nosotros aquí”.

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Youpodia Popguides - Around Bremen with Johannes Strate

You know this: In traditional city guides recommend Bars and Clubs are full of tourists - none of the alleged insider's tipps is one any longer. With the Youpodia Popguides, we have chosen another way. In the Popguides real insiders share their best tipps and favorite places of their hometown: German Newcomer-Bands and young artists. ----------------------------------- AROUND BREMEN WITH JOHANNES STRATE ----------------------------------- Johannes Strate, born in Bremen, is not only the frontman of the band “Revolverheld”, since 2011 he started a career as a solo singer as well. His first record “Die Zeichen stehen auf Sturm” (“There is a storm brewing”) is more calm and deliberate than the stadium-rock sound of Revolverheld. The guitars are more gentle and trendy; the lyrics are sober-minded and more profound. ----------------------------------- DECLARATION OF LOVE ----------------------------------- What makes the city special for you? The quarter called “Steintorviertel”, the river Weser and - of course - the football club Werder Bremen. Which songs describe Bremen best? The supporters song “Lebenslang gruen weiss” (green-white [=the colours of Werder] for a lifetime) or “Round here” by Counting Crows ----------------------------------- SIGHTSEEING & CULTURE ----------------------------------- Which three sights should a tourist see for sure? A game of Werder Bremen, the famous “Town Musicians of Bremen” monument, all bars at the “Ostertorsteinweg” street and the Buergerpark. Which places are overestimated? The Main station and the area around. Which places do you show your guests first? The Beck’s brewery and the fact that our football club doesn’t give points to visiting teams. Which museum should you visit? The “Weserburg Museum”; it offers fascinating exhibitions and I like the building itself a lot. During study times, I had my best lectures over there. Where can I discover the new bands of the city? Tower, Roemer, and at the cultural centre called “Lagerhaus”. ----------------------------------- CULINARY & SHOPPING ----------------------------------- Which speciality should I taste? A bottle of Beck’s beer and a Bremen Bratwurst. Where do I get good and cheap food? Try the “Canova“ in the art gallery, or the “Coffee Corner“ at the beginning of the street called “Ostertorsteinweg”. Where do I get the most fashionable clothes? The shops are called “King Kong Superstore” and “Attitude”. Where can I expand my music collection? EAR records in the quarter called “Steintorviertel”. ----------------------------------- NIGHTLIFE ----------------------------------- Where do you start your party nights? Either at the “Wohnzimmer” (Ostertorsteinweg 99), at the little, comfortable bar called “Urlaub” in the eastern suburb (Fehrfeld 28) or at the “Schwanghalle” (Buntentorsteinweg 112). Where do I have to go to party best? Capri Bar, Modernes, Tower ----------------------------------- WHERE TO STAY ----------------------------------- If you plan a visit to Bremen, you should check the youth hostel. You will find a comfortable and favorable bed here: : ----------------------------------- CHECK THIS ----------------------------------- Check out our website for more information: Credits Interview: Birk Grüling, Foto: Matthias Arni Ingimarsson

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Das Viertel - Ostertor

Das Viertel-the hippest neighbourhood in Bremen

Welcome to the neighbourhood-Das Viertel. Once marked for demolition in 60's to build a motorway, thanks to fierce opposition from locals, the project did not go ahead. Today, it is the hippest, coolest neighbourhood of Bremen. You can find great street art or find shops like the uber cool designer store 'Kauf dich Glucklich' ( shop till happy ) and 'Die Sachenmacher' which stocks cool stuff from local Bremen artists like the recycled purse in picture plus you can party in coolest nightlife hotspots like Lagerhaus & dine in some great value restaurants like Angelino's- Italian that does a great spaghetti pomodoro for just 6 euros. Plus the Weser river and the Weserstadion (home to Werder Bremen )is just a stone's throw away..

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