The GNTB networking tool – the key to your success

For the upcoming GTM, the GNTB uses a newly programmed networking tool for the first time. The new, innovative system in a modern design is very user friendly, especially in functionality and applicability. Before, during and after the GTM, the networking tool enables all participants to:

Search for and find interesting contacts
A detailed search function enables you to search specifically for providers whose portfolios contain precisely the products you are looking for. The tool also suggests to you contacts whose products and services match the search terms entered in your profile ('I'm looking for / They're offering' principle).

This enables you to find the most suitable contacts quickly and easily.

The message function enables you to agree on possible topics, interests and lines of business with your contacts before the GTM has even begun, making your face-to-face discussions and negotiations during the event more effective.

Arrange appointments
The appointments you arrange using the tool will be compiled to create a personal schedule for you. You can export this to Excel and/or Outlook whenever you need it. Requested, confirmed and blocked appointments are shown in different colours.

Around 20,000 appointments were agreed in relation with the 2014 GTM - arrange your appointments for the 2015 GTM!

The tool's extensive functions enable everyone to prepare effectively for the GTM so that meetings held at the event will be efficient and successful.

Create an individual profile
You can personalise your networking profile by posting your photo or a logo, adding key words to the 'I'm looking for' and 'I'm offering' functions, uploading documents with your company profile or products and services, and much more...

Use this networking tool – these and the many other functions will ensure you are as prepared as you possibly can be for a successful GTM!

The use of the networking tool is possible only after confirmed application to the GTM 2015 from the end of March on.

Short Introduction for GNTB Networking Tool:

GNTB-Networking-Tool (PDF)


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Last updated: 17-Aug-2015