• Bavaria, Mountain biking in the Alps
    Bavaria, Mountain biking in the Alps ©BAYERN TOURISMUS Marketing GmbH
  • Bavaria, Ettal Abbey
    Bavaria, Ettal Abbey ©BAYERN TOURISMUS Marketing GmbH
  • Bavaria, Kinderland Bavaria – on the farm
    Bavaria, Kinderland Bavaria – on the farm ©BAYERN TOURISMUS Marketing GmbH
  • Bavaria, Kaiserburg Castle in Nuremberg
    Bavaria, Kaiserburg Castle in Nuremberg ©BAYERN TOURISMUS Marketing GmbH
  • Bavaria, Alpine skiing
    Bavaria, Alpine skiing ©BAYERN TOURISMUS Marketing GmbH
  • Bavaria, Wellness & Vitality beside the Isar
    Bavaria, Wellness & Vitality beside the Isar ©BAYERN TOURISMUS Marketing GmbH
  • Bavaria, pretzel and maypole
    Bavaria, pretzel and maypole ©BAYERN TOURISMUS Marketing GmbH

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Bavaria – Germany's number one holiday region

Inspiration and a passion for life. Blue skies and crystal-clear lakes. Small medieval towns and vibrant cities. Bavarian traditions and warm hospitality. Mystical forests and snow-capped mountain peaks. Outdoor activities and relaxation. UNESCO World Heritage and a wealth of cultural attractions.

The diversity of Bavaria

Introducing the Free State of Bavaria in southern Germany with Munich, the regional capital, and its picture-perfect countryside. Unspoilt natural surroundings, healthy air, a wealth of culture and the proverbially laid-back Bavarian attitude to life are its hallmarks. Bavaria's medieval castles and small towns, magnificent palaces and baroque churches, not to mention its urban centres, provide the perfect setting for everything from traditional festivals to high opera. A harmonious blend of the traditional and the modern.

Holidaymakers in search of relaxation or those with energy to burn will love the region's many sparkling lakes, its national parks and nature reserves, its myth-enshrouded forests and sun-drenched vineyards, its dramatic hills and, of course, the majestic Alps – home to the tallest peak in Germany, Mount Zugspitze. The Romantic Road, the Castles Route, the German Alpine Road and many other popular tourist routes are the best ways to explore these richly varied landscapes.

World-famous attractions

Countless idyllic villages, medieval seats of power and of course Munich – the region’s capital – are the hallmarks of Bavaria. Other prominent features include gorgeous palaces, ornamental baroque churches, medieval abbeys and mighty castles. Famous internationally are King Ludwig II’s Neuschwanstein Castle and the UNESCO-listed ensembles of Wieskirche pilgrimage church, the Roman Limes, Würzburg, Bamberg and Regensburg. All in all, Bavaria has more than 100,000 architectural monuments, more than 1,200 museums and collections and 40 first-class venues for theatre and opera. Traditional events in the region include the Oktoberfest in Munich, the Landshut Wedding historical pageant, the Oberammergau Passion Plays and Nuremberg’s Christmas market.

But it takes more than just scenery and cultural attractions to attract such a huge number of visitors year after year. Which is why Bavaria also offers a range of dependable, quality-certified packages focused on wellness, families, the outdoors (in summer and in winter), culture & cities, food & drink and business travel


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