Restaurante gourmet FALCO en The Westin Leipzig: Peter Maria Schnurr, vanguardia culinaria planeando sobre los tejados de Leizpig
Peter Maria Schnurr: restaurante gourmet FALCO en The Westin Leipzig ©The Westin Leipzig

Restaurante gourmet FALCO en The Westin Leipzig: Peter Maria Schnurr, vanguardia culinaria planeando sobre los tejados de Leizpig

En FALCO, Peter Maria Schnurr ha descubierto su propia interpretación de la gastronomía moderna: su cuisine passion légère© es única, insólita y pasional.

Peter Maria Schnurr rezuma energía y entusiasmo. Basándose en raíces del estilo clásico francés, una máxima precisión técnica y los mejores productos consigue canalizar su creatividad casi desbordante en manjares que sólo se degustan en FALCO. Se concede un gran protagonismo a las extraordinarias combinaciones de aromas, que logra plasmar acentuando texturas tiernas, así como un ligereza definitoria con el empleo bien proporcionado de elementos frutales en la sucesión del menú. La pasión que Schnurr cultiva en sus platos, se refleja en sus creaciones. El cliente emprende un viaje revelador, que convierte la estancia en FALCO en una experiencia sin igual.

En TON : STEINE : SCHERBEN - Foie @ FALCO 2012 - yogur en polvo: frutos rojos líquido & extracto de semillas de hinojo Schnurr homenajea el nombre de la legendaria banda alemana en un plato de hígado de pato que marina en crudo a modo de "trozos de arcilla" en referencia a TON; se combina con maltodextrina a modo de piedras o "STEINE" y una mousse finamente deshidratada representando los trozos de vidrio o "SCHERBEN". Schnurr comparece entonando una composición con una gelatina de pudin de frutos rojos en tono clásico, para luego generar un contrapunto intensamente herbáceo con un extracto punteado de semillas de hinojo que provoca un gran suspense. Igual de excitante se presenta el lenguado de batel – soufflé de chicharrones – granada : chucrut en cazabe: laurel Schnurr adereza el lenguado indirectamente con un soufflé de chicharrones con pimienta d’Espelette, y añade una interesante combinación agridulce entre la granada y el chucrut de tal forma que la composición transmitida por el pescado y el laurel aflora con un nuevo resplandor: ¡maravilloso!

© Prof. Dr. Ingo Scheuermann

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Lo que cuentan los viajeros de todo el mundo

Highfield Festival

The best Indie-Rock-Festival in the East

The festival near Großpösna is the most important indie-rock festival in the eastern states of Germany by now. The Beatsteaks, Placebo, Billy Talent and the Foo Fighters are regular guests such as German bands like Seeed, K.I.Z. and Casper and fire up the two stages in front of 25.000 visitors. Situated at Störmthaler See, the festival guarantees a fun weekend of sunshine, hanging by the lake and seeing some favorite bands without any feeling of the area being overcrowded. As one of the greener festivals, there is a „Green Camp“ and the „Viva Con Agua“ initiative creates ecological awareness. For fans of: The National, Donots, 30 Seconds to Mars, Arctic Monkeys, Kettcar, Interpol

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WGT Wave Gothic Festival

A day with Lipzi Tours

We met John Ommeln from Lipzi Tours in Leipzig. He organizes guided tours for groups as well as individually adapted tours. You can choose from tours by bike or walk. We walked around in the western parts of the city, in the areas Plagwitz and Lindenau. It was incredibly beautiful! John really knows everything about Leipzig. And we learned a lot. Such as the fascinating history of the city, today's music scene and food culture. Speaking of food culture, veganism have become very popular here. Exciting! Did you know that Leipzig was previously known for its fairs? The fairs meant that people from other parts of the world came to the city, which was unusually during communism time. It has affected Leipzig a lot and has led to that the people there are more open today. The city was, because of this, not as closed to the outside world. We got to see several beautiful parks during the long walk. We are very fond of all the green surroundings mixed with the beautiful and magnificent houses and graffiti. In Leipzig nature meets the urban.

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Food & art

Food & art

Leipzig is a stunningly beautiful city and yesterday we got to see lots of it. Among other things, we went on a guided tour called in the area Suedvorstadt. We walked around the area for several hours and visited various places with food theme. Including a coffee roastery, an ice cream parlor and a restaurant. wants every single tour to be a bit of a surprise, so therefore we do not disclose everything about the sites. But it was both good and interesting and the guide was awesome! During the tour we also got to see several beautiful and cultural places in Leipzig. Afterwards we went straight out to Spinnerei for another guided tour. Spinnerei is located just outside the city center and is a former spinning mill which is now a huge part of the art scene in Leipzig and widely known in art circles. Here you will find both exhibition halls, galleries, studios, where artists work and independent cinema. Before we went back into town we had time for a beer in their biergarden. Cosy!

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First night in Leipzig

First night in Leipzig

We took the train towards Leipzig this evening. It went quick and smooth. We arrived approximatly after one hour. Once there, we walked to our hotel, Penta Hotel. It is an extremely stylish design hotel, far from the Scandinavian interior design we are so accustomed to. Who does not dream about a gold glittery floor in the elevator? Unfortunately the girl who checked us in, made us a bit disappointed when she was neither friendly or interested. She was a little out of place in the fantastic looking combined check-in desk and bar. Internet costs extra on the hotel, which is a shame. And you are only able to use your login on one device at a time. Tonight we had dinner at Vapiano. It is a favorite home in Stockholm. Here in Germany thought, the prices are half as much compared to Sweden. Hurray! After dinner we strolled around a few blocks in the central parts of the city. The city feels spacious, beautiful and fresh. We really looking forward to explore this place in the coming days!

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Late Night Burger Stop

Every party night has to come to an end at some stage. If you don't want to go to bed hungry make sure you stop at the Burgermeister on Südplatz - possibly the best place for burgers in all of Leipzig.

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Flower Power Bar

Flower Power Revival in Leipzig

The sign pointing towards the Flower Power on Petersstrasse is so big that you'll have no way of missing it, even if your eyes are already a bit tired. Once you've entered the bar your eyes will have to adjust again to the the unusual interior. Watch out for flowers growing from the walls and ceiling and make sure you don't miss the cow that runs on a cable just above the bar. At the back of the bar there's even a dartboard. Ask for the password for free wifi! This is the kind of bar you'll want to hit late – or if you come early check out the live band.

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A Night Out With Vodka

At Vodkaria over 600 different kinds of vodka spirits are waiting for thirsty customers. A small part of which is displayed in a large fridge right in front when you enter the bar. But – before you get started on shots also make sure you check out the menu. Polnish Barschtsch, russian Pelmeni or an islandic specialities with names like “Löggaeslumyndavélunum” are not only delicious – they're also a great idea if you're planning on a long night of drinking. Nastrovje!

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Cafe Louise

Coffee & Drinks at Cafe Louise

Right in the middle of the party mile of Gottschedestrasse you'll find spacious Cafe Louise. At night little remains of the cafe and the place turns into a laid back bar with great food and a good selection of drinks to choose from. If you're heading there on a Friday night you can return to the scene of crime the following morning as the Cafe offers a great breakfast on Saturdays!

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