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Pre-Convention Tour 7
Hannover - Münster - East Frisia


Hannover, Münster, Park der Gärten horticultural centre followed by tea ceremony, Wadden Sea visitor centre


Hannover: Wyndham Hotel hannover Atrium (07. - 08. May 2014)

Münstzer: Hotel Haus vom Guten Hirten (08. - 09. May 2014)

Bremen: GTM hotels in Bremen (09. - 10. May 2014)


Arrival Airport: Hannover (HAJ)

Start of the Programme: 16:00 h

10 participants


Final Programm Tour 7 (PDF)

General Terms and Conditions of Participation (PDF)

Subject to alterations!

Datos y persona de contacto

España, Portugal / Madrid

Mercedes Orejas

España, Portugal / Madrid

Frank Bausback

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