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  • Abierto todo el año, cerrado el 24.12.
  • Apto para sillas de ruedas
  • Eventos/Eventos para niños
  • Apto para niños a partir de tres años, "brazalete para encontrar a los niños"

Encontrará otros LEGOLAND Discovery Centres en Alemania en Oberhausen y Duisburg

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Berlín: el parque de atracciones cubierto más emocionante de Berlín

En el primer LEGOLAND Discovery Centre del mundo en Berlín le espera un mundo LEGO rebosante de creatividad, juegos y diversión interactiva. El mundo multicolor de estas coloridas piezas es durante todo el año un destino perfecto para las familias con niños pequeños a partir de tres años.

Para los que no pueden parar de jugar con las piezas de plástico de colores les recomendamos encarecidamente el LEGOLAND Discovery Centre, dentro del Sony Center ubicado en la Potsdamer Platz en Berlín, con sus quince zonas temáticas. En 3500 m² todo gira en torno a LEGO y aquí se puede jugar hasta el cansancio: en MINILAND los fans de LEGO pueden admirar los monumentos característicos de Berlín en miniatura. Directamente después de eso empieza la acción. Grupos de ocho niños dirigen sus propios barcos piratas. Hay que disparar a volcanes e islas con los propios cañones y acertar para activar fuentes de agua y efectos especiales. En la LEGOfabrik (fábrica LEGO) se revela el secreto de la producción de las populares piezas de plástico. Y también en el Castillo del Dragón se pueden admirar obras de arte hechas de LEGO. ¿Pero qué sería un parque de atracciones LEGO sin la posibilidad de dar rienda suelta a la propia creatividad? En la zona de construcción y pruebas todos los genios creativos pueden construir sus propios coches de carreras y, a continuación, probar su estabilidad en una pista de carreras. En el centro de pruebas los pequeños maestros de obra pueden construir casas y placas de terremoto para probar así la estabilidad de sus propios edificios. Para las niñas a las que no les gustan los automóviles o terremotos, hay una zona de construcción especial toda en rosa. Los más pequeños que todavía no pueden construir por sí mismos y que prefieren retozar un poco, pueden conquistar el laberinto para escalar, la pared para trepar o saltar en la piscina de bolas. Para los más pequeños de todos está el pueblo Duplo o el Palacio de las Princesas con piezas gigantes.

Lo más destacado

Los grandes constructores pueden asistir solos o acompañados de uno de sus padres al taller de construcción. Allí se imparten instrucciones para construir diferentes figuras. Los elementos terminados se pueden comprar, si se desea, por poco dinero. Un punto culminante para todos los sentidos es el cine 4D, con muchas sorpresas emocionantes y fascinantes efectos especiales. La acción y los efectos especiales garantizan además variedad y emoción: durante las vacaciones, en Pascua, Halloween y Navidad el mundo LEGO se reinventa cada vez de una forma diferente. En la tienda del LEGOLAND Discovery Centre se ofrecen todos los productos de LEGO y hay también ofertas especiales para casa.

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Shopping in the city

I am continuing my little Berlin report. We planned to go shopping and sightseeing at the weekend with Nóri. Unfortunately, shops in Germany are closed on Sundays so we had to do the shopping part on Saturday... We were walking in the streets in the city centre in the morning and we went into interesting design stores when we spotted them. I like talking to the locals because a lot of nice memories come back in connection with Germany. I was 11 years old when I first spent a longer period of time in summer at a German family. It is funny to think back that I could hardly understand anything from what they were trying to tell me, I was so embarrassed that I answered "Ja" to everything... :) We left the shopping centres to the afternoon where we could really enjoy our shopping mania. We found a Primark shop here, too, well known from London... :) If you ever enter this shop, you will surely leave with more than one shopping bag. :) The sales were still on which meant that we bought almost everything for 3 or 5 Euros. It was the earthly heaven itself, I could hardly stop myself from putting the whole store into my basket. By the end of the day, we got totally exhausted and couldn't wait to relax after these two long days... X x Festy

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin - Studio Kaprol fashion show and backstage

I couldn't wait for the second fashion show on Friday because the marketing person of Studio Kaprol contacted me a few weeks ago to ask us to take some photos of their backstage and post them on our blogs. It was a great experience for me to get a glimpse again behind the scenes of an international fashion week. It had only happened to me once on my first fashion week in New York. Then, the series of pleasures continued as we got private VIP seats to the second row among journalists and celebrities from Berlin. I was extremely happy to be able to watch this special show from such proximity. It started with an art movie and then the models walked on the runway in an unusual way, wandering around and staying on the stage. There were more and more of them up there, then they got together and finally brought the designer forward. I found it a really good idea to present these loose street wear clothes in such a creative way. X x Festy

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin - Marina Hoermanseder fashion show

I thought that Friday is also worth mentioning and I should make a post about the fashion shows, too. We received standing tickets for Marina Hoermanseder's show so we could see the happenings from upstairs with Nóri. It was ideal to take photos from there because we could see the whole area. I love the feeling when the atmosphere of the fashion week catches me and I watch the creations of different designers with excitement. Marina Hoermanseder, Austrian designer, created an extravagant collection with the patterns of medical aids in the clothes. It was interesting to see a kind of knee machine on a fashion show that I had to wear after my sport accident... xo, Festy

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

So many things have happened during a day, it seems that we have been here in Berlin for a week already. We left Budapest in the morning with Nóri Oravecz and we landed in Germany at noon. Our accommodation is in the city centre so we can easily reach everything within 15 minutes. I was really excited because I had never been to Berlin Fashion Week before so I couldn't wait to sit on the shows and learn about German fashion. We were invited to two fashion shows yesterday. At first, we checked the creations of a talented Austrian designer, Marina Hoermanseder. Then, we had the opportunity to look at the backstage of Studio Kaprol, it was the first time I had received a VIP ticket on an international fashion event. We could watch the fashion show from the second row which is a fantastic feeling for a fashion blogger. :) We got an invitation to the closing party at night where we got to know German and Austrian journalists and designers. It was adventurous to get to the party... It took almost an hour to find one of the old factory sites of East-Berlin. The place had a special atmosphere with a ruined brick building, wall paintings and railways tracks. Finally, we found a huge building like a hangar where masked hostesses were welcoming the guests at the end of the red carpet. We entered a large room where the closing ceremony took place. We talked to a lot of fashion professionals, everybody was friendly and kind to us. One of the great advantages of Berlin is that the underground operates all night so you can get home very easily even after midnight. X x Festy

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West-Berlin is the best!

During our last day at Berlin we had a little sightseeing around the city with a hopp on hopp of bus. It was great to see all the statues and monuments all over the city, and the squares and of course Potsdamers Platz again. After that tour we shortly started to recognize the places what we have been visited so far, and the distance between them. For us our tour was ended at West-Berlin, where we checked the place where we had party on Friday night, we made some photos in front of the graffiti walls, and finally found our best restaurant experience ever! Sunday Brunch for 1O euros, in a restaurant called Via Nova, with an extremely nice stuff and food of course! If you have time to go there, visit them, you're gonna love it! Berlin, we love you, and it was so good to spend 3 days there! :) See you soon again. Nora

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E4 Berlin

shopping at Berlin

After our exciting Friday on Saturday we had a little shopping tour around Berlin. We've started our tour in the street, where you can find Boconcept, and after we visited the high category brands as well, where we met with the personal shopper of Sarah Connor. The last station of our shopping tour was Primark, where we bought a bunch of new stuff for us, where we were very excited about the sale. You need to try Primark, than it's a good thing to visit Potsdamer Platz and drink a coffee in Carac Gourmet, you won't forget that view! If you still want to go and have a big walk, just visit the Sony center, where you can have dinner, and you can see on the screen all of the famous celebrities, who has been visited the city so far. Just check Berlin. It can't be a mistake.

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Oravecz Nóra

We've just got the invitation some weeks ago for BFW, we were so excited! I have really good memories from my latest visit, and I was hoping that someday I can come back. And now I brought with me my fashion blogger friend, Festy as well. Yesterday we saw 2 fashion shows, the last one was my favourite one! It was so energetic and cool, nobody could take his eyes off from them! :) During the night we had a great party, because we were invited to the closing party of the BFW. We got know one of the journalists of magazine, he was very nice, we had a short chat with him. Today we were shopping for hours, tomorrow I am going to tell more about that - what we visited ,where we had the shopping tour, etc. :) Tomorrow we are going to have our Big Bus Tour, so I can come back with great photos about the city! Stay Tuned! Nora

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Weihnachtszauber Gendarmenmarkt

#GermanyXmas - Christmas Markets in Berlin

Enjoy a stroll over Berlin's cozy Christmas markets.

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