• Bauhaus Dessau von Walter Gropius 1925/26
    Bauhaus Dessau von Walter Gropius 1925/26 © IMG - Investitions- und Marketinggesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt mbH - Krawulsky, Roland

New Bauhaus Chicago: Experiment Photography

80 years ago, László Moholy-Nagy (1895 – 1946) founded the New Bauhaus in Chicago, providing American photography with a decisive creative impulse.

The centenary provides an occasion for the Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung to present unique holdings from its photo collection related to the New Bauhaus and its offshoot, the Institute of Design. Photographs, films, publications and documents from instructors such as György Kepes, Harry Callahan, Aaron Siskind and Arthur Siegel bring this exuberantly experimental workshop atmosphere of the legendary photography school back to life.


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15.11.2017 - 05.03.2018


Bauhaus Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung
Klingelhöferstraße 14
10785 Berlin

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