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Niedersachsen - Lower Saxony

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The TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen GmbH (TMN) was founded in 2001 and as the marketing organisation of the federal state its task is to market the holiday destination of Niedersachsen/ Lower Saxony on a national and international level.

General Information
Niedersachsen is located in northwest Germany and is borderedby the North Sea coast in the north and by the Harz mountains and the Weser hill country in the south. What’s in between encompasses everything from historic and seafaring towns to trade fair locations of international significance. Various natural habitats with tranquil rivers, dense deciduous and evergreen forests as well as moorland and heath landscapes offer opportunities for a multifaceted holiday in Niedersachsen.

The possibilities include everything from water sports, hiking,road cycling and mountain biking to equestrian sports and golf. 20,000 km of river routes and 13,000 km of cycle paths wind their way through the region. Exciting theme parks, animal parks and zoos ensure a memorable visit.

Cultural enthusiasts will enjoy historic windmills, exciting museums, magnificent castles and fortresses, as well as top international artists at dance and music festivals. There are no less than four UNESCO-World Heritage sites in Niedersachsen. Hildesheim boasts the Mariendom and St. Michael’s, and Goslar has the old town as well as the nearby Rammelsberg mine and the Upper Harz Water Management area; the Fagus Factory in Alfeld has been listed since 2011. And let’s not forget the UNESCO World Natural Heritage site: the Wadden Sea in the North Sea.

The federal state also wins over visitors with diverse cuisine characterised by both traditional regionalism and by contemporary internationalism: country inns and fine gourmet restaurants attract guests with regional specialities including hearty green cabbage, delicate fish dishes, an fresh asparagus.

How to get there
Whether you're travelling in your own car, by public transport, ship or plane – many roads lead to Lower Saxony. Modern motorways as the A2, A1 and A7 connect the state with the rest of Germany. International airports can be found in Hannover, Bremen, Hamburg and Münster-Osnabrück. Towns and cities like Hannover, Wolfsburg, Hildesheim etc. can be reached easily by ICE fast trains of Deutsche Bahn.

Cultural Highlights

There are numerous cultural highlights to be discovered in Lower Saxony: walking in the footsteps of emperors and kings, visiting the UNESCO World Heritage sights, discovery tours through lively large cities or medieval town centres.

UNESCO World Heritage
In Niedersachsen, there are several UNESCO world heritage sites. The romantic architecture of Hildesheim with its cathedral and 1000-year-old rose tree and the church St. Michael, the town of Goslar with the wonderful old city centre as well as the ore mine Rammelsberg and the FagusWerk in Alfeld, which was awarded in 2011, the first industrial building of modern times. The Wadden Sea World Natural Heritage stretches across the German and Dutch part of the Wadden Sea. It is an exceptionally dynamic landscape. Nowhere else in the world have the tides created a more diverse landscape that keeps changing to this day.

The Royal House of Hannover
In 1714, George Louis became Elector of Hanover, King of Great Britain and Hanover. For 123 years the Guelphs reigned over the large British sphere of influence, leaving their imprint on European, American and world history. In Lower Saxony some of the old manors and castles can still be found. Examples for Hanoverian grandiosity are Celle Castle, the place of exile for the Danish Queen Caroline Mathilde, and the fairy-tale castle Marienburg which is still owned by the Royal Family.

The_9 Cities
The_9 Cities are an alliance of historical cities in Niedersachsen (Braunschweig, Celle, Göttingen, Goslar, Hameln, Hannover, Hildesheim, Lüneburg, Wolfenbüttel + Autostadt in Wolfsburg).

Be captivated by the romantic charm of the historical old city quarters, experience the colorful hustle and bustle of the metropolises of Lower Saxony and immerse yourself in the blue diversity of the maritime harbour cities. No doubt everything there is to discover will come as a surprise. From an urban city break, for example in Hannover the state capital of Lower Saxony, Oldenburg or Osnabrück to The_9 Cities, an alliance of historical cities in Niedersachsen (Braunschweig, Celle, Göttingen, Goslar, Hameln, Hannover, Hildesheim, Lüneburg, Wolfenbüttel + Autostadt in Wolfsburg) – Germany’s second-largest state has plenty to offer .

Framework architecture
Niedersachsen is famous for its Framework architecture. As stone was a rare building material timber frames were a common method in mediaeval times. Celle has century old half-timbered houses and unrivalled sights from its courtly time as a royal residence. A special form of Framework can be seen along the river Weser - the Weserrenaissance style is a playful version inspired by Italian architecture. The picturesque town of Hann. Münden with its approx. 700 half-timbered houses from six centuries serves as a crowd puller in the south of the State.

Museums in Niedersachsen
There are several museums and culture institutions in Niedersachsen which have achieved a very good reputation beyond the borders of the federal state. Some examples: with its Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum, Braunschweig offers the biggest and most outstanding art museum of the federal state of Niedersachsen and also one of the most important museums of the old art of the Federal Republic of Germany. The Art Gallery Emden with the Henry Nannen collection consistently puts innovative art projects into effect to give young people an understanding of art. The Felix-Nussbaum-Museum in Osnabrück presents the works of the Jewish painter. The building was designed by the architect Daniel Libeskind.

Health, Active and Nature

Health, Fitness & Wellness Holidays
Lower Saxony is a first-class region for wellness holidays: here you can recharge your batteries and regain strength. The beautiful surroundings and the friendly people are just as much part of this as the obvious high therapeutic competence and modern equipment. The elements sea, moorland, salt water, sulphur, air and water, created by nature, have been used by man for hundreds of years for health purposes. From health treatments to relaxation you'll find some very interesting and unusual health programmes different health spas. Bathing in algae, salt mud treatments or water treatments à la Kneipp, this is the right way to destress for body and soul.

Active and Alive
Lower Saxony is the perfect choice for fun holidays and active getaways. With its countless rivers and lakes, the North Sea coast, its vast heath, highland, forest and moor landscapes, visitors will find the perfect opportunities for various activities like cycling, golf, walking, hiking, riding or water adventures.

Cycling in Lower Saxony
Lower Saxony's vast, rather flat landscapes are perfectly suitable for restorative cycling holidays: downstream along the rivers your bike will almost ride itself along. On the other hand, for cyclists with more sporty ambitions, a trip to the south of Lower Saxony with the Harz mountains is recommended. Here they will find demanding routes with steep inclines. Moderate to hilly slopes can be found in the Weserbergland, in the Wiehengebirge and the Teutoburg Forest in the Osnabrücker Land.

Lower Saxony – land of the horse
Lower Saxony really is the land of the horse with some great equestrian events. You can experience world class tournaments, horse racing, elite horse auctions and stylish Hengstparade horse shows. A great number of riding routes invite you to discover the regions of Lower Saxony on horseback. Countless farms are specialised in riding holidays.

Lower Saxony – land of golf
Golfing from its most beautiful side: from the windy North Sea coast over the Lüneburger Heath to the undulating Weserbergland, first-class golf courses of all levels of difficulty await you in the Niedersachsen. A concentration of over 80 golf courses makes the region perfect for golfing.

Water Sports
Beside the North Sea, there are numerous places to do water sports. The largest inland water is the Steinhuder Meer, at around 30 km² in size – a paradise for sailors, windsurfers and kiteboarders. Just half this size is Lake Dümmer, near Osnabrück. The most important navigable waterways are the Elbe, Weser and Ems. Innumerable ditches, rivers and canals with a total length of 30,000 kilometres criss-cross the state.


Professionals know: the success of a conference depends not only on content, top speakers and perfect technology. In the towns and cities of Lower Saxony you find ideal conditions: a professional service, conference venues of every size and multifaceted programmes. Hannover is known beyond the German borders for being the perfect exhibition venue. Since the first trade fair in 1947 the Hannover Fair has developed into the biggest exhibition of capital goods in the world and hosts today five of the ten biggest exhibitions in the world. Smaller meetings can be arranged in various hotels, universities and other venues in Lower Saxony or at special locations as the Meyer Shipyard in Papenburg.

Trade Fairs
The Hannover Messe and the CeBIT computer trade fair have made the Hannover area the most important trade fair centre in the world. Traditional universities in Braunschweig and Göttingen, the Hannover Medical School and numerous academic research centres demonstrate the close links between science and industry.

On our new travel trade portal the travel trade industry finds information about the various regions and attractions of Niedersachsen along with tips on travelling.

Information about group offers is available from the regional tourist partners.

Barrier-free Travel

Lower Saxony is a travel destination which offers plenty of options and facilities that enable visitors with disabilities and/or restricted mobility to discover different regions and attractions. Advice and information for travellers with restricted mobility is available from TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen and the regional tourist partners.


With motorways crossing the state and a well developed infrastructure Niedersachsen is ideally suited for individual travellers. The towns and cities are perfectly connected and even most of the attractions in the countryside can be reaches easily by bus. Because of these good connections everything seems just a stone’s throw away.

Social Commitment / Green Travel

Amongst nature in Niedersachsen
Niedersachsen offers many different options when looking for a green holiday because sea and mountains create perfect environments for active, nature-based vacations. The North Sea is ideal for bathing or hiking across mudflats to the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site, while the Harz mountains provide a vast natural setting for exciting climbs and long mountainbike descents. Hiking and cycling tracks regularly intersect with the centuriesold irrigation system of ponds, lakes, moats and streams – also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the “Upper Harz Water Management System”, since 2010. For an authentic Harz experience, regional tourism establishments place great emphasis on local products.

Sustainability and climate protection are important topics in Lower Saxony. There are a lot of facilities and exhibitions which deal with this topic:

For example the Autostadt in Wolfsburg. The exhibition LEVEL GREEN – The Concept of Sustainability examines various dimensions of sustainability and uses architecture to display the content in an interactive and playful way. Situated on approximately 1 000 m², the “experiential space Sustainability” is an interplay between a walk-in sculptural installation, divided into six themed areas, and the 25 exhibits within it.

Some Lower Saxony Must-Sees
Hildesheim with the cathedral with its impressive bronze casts and St. Michael, a beautiful early Romanesque church.

The ore mine Rammelsberg together with the mediaeval old city centre of Goslar.

The FagusWerk Alfeld, the first modern industrial building.

The Wadden Sea, declared UNESCO Natural Heritage for being an extraordinary habitat.

The Old Town centre of Celle with over 500 half-timbered houses mainly from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

The almost unchanged Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen with Baroque, English and botanical gardens.

Marienburg Castle, the former summer residence of the Guelphs is considered one of the most important neo-Gothic historical buildings.

Hämelschenburg Castle between Hameln and Bad Pyrmont, the most splendid castle of the Weserrenaissance.

Hameln, the picturesque hometown of the Pied Piper.

The Meyer Shipyard building luxury cruise liners.

The former salting and hanseatic town of Lüneburg.

The International Wind and Watermill Museum in Gifhorn with currently 16 original mills.

The museum in Kalkriese at the original Varus’ Battle site.

The Emden Art Gallery with its collection of German expressionism and paintings of the new functionalism movement.

The castle complex of the Porzellanmanufaktur Fürstenberg one of Europe’s most famous porcelain manufacturers.

The Autostadt in Wolfsburg with events and attractions based around the theme of mobility and the brand Volkswagen.

Braunschweig, the town of Henry the Lion, with its mediaeval city.


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