Boys and girls come out to play – on the German Toy Route

The German Toy Road, a themed route with a totally adorable subject and a long tradition, runs for some 300km between Nuremberg and Waltershausen. But visitors take note: a trip down the German Toy Road is also a trip back to your childhood.

Head off with your kids on the journey of their dreams and meet lots of new friends along the way. Every day is a new adventure – don't just sit there, come along and join in the fun. There are all sorts of toys in all shapes and sizes: at factories, display rooms, model railways, teddy bear workshops, doll manufacturers, museums and adventure parks – and the Playmobil Funpark in Zirndorf is an absolute must for kids. It's a great way to experience a rich cultural heritage across some 30 towns and districts, and there are plenty of workshops and trading houses where collectors and enthusiasts can snap up showpiece items. At the doll's hospital, visitors can see how doctors make an old 'unbreakable Lisa dolly' better again, or watch the teddy doctor spruce up teddies that have seen better days. For those interested in how toys are made on an industrial scale, a trip to a toy factory is an illuminating experience. The larger toy factories also often have factory outlets: a great opportunity for picking up a few bargains and buying toys at discount prices. So what are you waiting for? Let's go and play.

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