Barnim Nature Park: Konik horses grazing
Barnim Nature Park: Konik horses grazing ©Frank Liebke
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Barnim Nature Park – a landscape that lives in the memory

With its idyllic lakes, its untamed rivers and its woods, Barnim Nature Park is a natural gem. The Konik is a defining breed of this part-pasture, part-forest landscape and can often be seen grazing on the open meadows.

Covering an area of 750 square kilometres just outside Berlin, the park is like an adventure playground for walkers and nature lovers. The well-maintained discovery trails and footpaths, such as the 66 Lakes Trail, take you through unspoilt fens and past lakes as round as the moon.

Cycling back in time

This ever-changing landscape is also criss-crossed by cycle paths such as the Berlin-Usedom long-distance cycle route. The many Slavic and German castle ruins along the way provide a perfect opportunity to take a breather. The information centre on the historical Finow Canal will help you get your bearings.

Nature spotting and enjoying the water

The numerous swimming lakes and picturesque rivers, which were formed during the last Ice Age, are incredibly popular among visitors. Here you might observe a kingfisher or a grey wagtail through your binoculars. Or you might like to take the plunge and go swimming yourself.

Stunning heathland views

A trip to Schönow Heath in the southern part of the nature park makes a great alternative outing. The viewing tower here offers stunning 360-degree panoramic views of the flowering heathland.

A journey through time

At the BARNIM PANORAMA Visitor Centre, you can learn about the fascinating history of Barnim and its development from Ice Age wilderness to modern nature park. And if you want to travel there the old-fashioned way, you can catch the steam train from Berlin.

Barnim Nature Park

Unique features

  • Koniks
  • Steam train rides from Berlin on selected dates

Cycling, walking, water sports, places of historical interest

Rivers, forests, fields and meadows

Contact for accessible holidays
Tel: +49 (0)33397 681 920

Travel information
Closest ICE train station and closest major city: Berlin (30km)

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