Konik horses grazing in the morning sun in Hobrechtsfeld
Konik horses grazing ©Frank Liebke

Barnim Nature Park – a landscape that lives in the memory

Located north of Berlin, Barnim Nature Park comprises large areas of forest, idyllic lakes, untamed rivers and pristine moors. The park benefits from excellent walking and cycling routes, GPS data and discovery trails.

Located in two German states, Brandenburg and Berlin, Barnim Nature Park covers an area of 750 square kilometres comprising various biospheres and conservation areas. On the historical Finow Canal, right on the Berlin-Usedom Cycle Route, the warehouse building of the Grafenbrück Royal Hydraulic Engineering Administration contains a nature park information centre as well as a working model of a lock. Also part of the experience are the dunes on Schönow Heath, choruses of frogs in the spring and spotting traces of beaver activity along the Nonnenfliess und Briese rivers. And you can round it all off with delicacies from the local farm shops. From the Karow Ponds to the Hobrechtsfelde Estate, you'll find Konik and fjord horses which, together with Scottish Highland and Uckermark cattle, are the defining breeds of this part-pasture, part-forest landscape. The estate's imposing silo features an exhibition and offers spectacular views of the surrounding land, which in days gone by used to be a drainage area. The BARNIM PANORAMA nature park centre and agricultural museum at Wandlitz sets out the history of Barnim from ice age wilderness to modern managed landscape, and is an ideal starting point for excursions. Attractions here include a fleet of historical tractors in a glass hall, a show garden with regional commercial plant varieties and memorable views of Lake Wandlitz. Also worth visiting are the Oranienburg Palace and Gardens, which were given a new lease of life for the 2009 Regional Garden Show. The Barnim Nature Park can be reached by rail (S-Bahn from Berlin, the heritage Heidekrautbahn railway or regional rail).

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