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Tegernsee region: An oasis of wellness and centre of healthcare.

The mini-paradise on their doorstep is an attractive destination for residents of Munich seeking rest and refreshment – with one of the cleanest lakes in Bavaria, good air, a wonderful landscape and pretty villages. In medicine + healthcare, the region is a strong player especially due to its healing iodine-sulphur springs.

In 1903 the Dutch mining engineer Adrian Stoop was drilling for oil in Bad Wiessee. At first he appeared successful but the dream of a "Bavarian Texas" soon evaporated as the black gold was replaced by water that smelled strongly of sulphur bubbling to the surface out of the borehole. The reason: Stoop had discovered the strongest iodine-sulphur spring in Germany and thus created the foundation for the important medicine + healthcare sector in the region. The local doctor in Bad Wiessee, Dr. Erwin von Dessauer, recognised the importance of the water. It was on his suggestion that the first "Original Wiesseer Quellenbäder" spa treatments were administered in 1910. However, there is much more to the healthy reputation of the Tegernsee region than the spa waters - there is also stunningly beautiful countryside, a "Heilklimapark" (health walking park) with countless marked footpaths and Nordic walking routes, several top clinics, renowned specialists in sports medicine and prominent celebrities. In addition, the leading companies Hexal and Sandoz have their headquarters in Holzkirchen.

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