Luther : ses thèses ont bouleversé le monde.
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Luther : ses thèses ont bouleversé le monde.

Ce moine rebelle, professeur et instigateur de la Réforme, est l’un des plus grands fils de l’Allemagne. Cela fait bientôt 500 ans que Martin Luther a affiché ses 95 thèses sur la porte de l’église du château de Wittenberg. Beaucoup des lieux où le légendaire réformateur a exercé ses activités se trouvent en Saxe-Anhalt, en Thuringe ou en Saxe. Depuis la chute du Mur il y a 25 ans, on peut donc à nouveau visiter ces sites qui viennent enrichir l’offre de tourisme culturel en Allemagne.

Born in Eisleben, student in Erfurt, professor in Wittenberg, defendant at the Diet of Worms: the places associated with Luther’s life make fascinating sites to visit today, revealing insights into this strong-willed man and his impact.

The Luther Trail connects new cultural attractions along more than 1,200 km

Thirty-six authentic Reformation sites create a memorable adventure, taking in Coburg, Augsburg, Nürnberg, Heidelberg, Bretten, Speyer, Worms, Marburg and Bad Hersfeld, among others. The first in a series of national exhibitions on the Reformation opens in 2015 at Hartenfels Palace in Torgau.

Luther towns of Eisleben and Wittenberg

Lutherstadt Eisleben and Lutherstadt Wittenberg: the official names say it all. Both of these UNESCO World Heritage towns represent milestones in German history – from the house where Luther was born in Eisleben to Wittenberg’s Church of St. Mary and the Castle Church where Luther is buried. Numerous visitors come in search of the ever-present legacy of the man who spoke out against the selling of indulgences – by which people bought salvation for sums of money.

Wartburg Castle in Eisenach

Up at the Wartburg, the UNESCO World Heritage castle where Martin Luther once took refuge, Luther’s room is today open to visitors.

The Augustinian monastery in Erfurt

At the place where Martin Luther lived as a monk, you can visit an exhibition on Luther and see inside his room. The library, one of Germany ’s most important collections of ecclesiastical literature, contains around 60,000 volumes as well as Reformation writings and the publications by Luther.

A famous friend

Luther enjoyed a close friendship with Renaissance painter Lucas Cranach the Elder. It was at Cranach’s house in Wittenberg that Luther first met his future wife Katharina, who had taken refuge there.


Every summer in Wittenberg a three-day wedding festival celebrates Luther’s marriage to Katharina. Historical parades, Renaissance music and other performances take you on an incredible journey back to the Middle Ages. More than 2,000 guests in traditional costume accompany the bride and groom through the town. In the evening the programme also features contemporary music.

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