Creative Germany : des artistes sans frontières.
Perspective 5: Creative Germany ©Stefan Eberstadt, München: Rucksack House, 2002/04 / Claus Bach
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Creative Germany : des artistes sans frontières.

25 ans après la réunification, l’Allemagne incarne une économie créative et culturelle innovante et florissante. Le « Made in Germany », réputé dans le monde entier, s’accompagne désormais d’un « Created in Germany ». Des peintres, des musiciens, des architectes, des artisans d’art et des événements culturels internationaux concentrent un potentiel créatif qui s’exprime à travers tout le pays.

Fertile ground for creativity

Many places in Destination Germany have a creative vibe, including Leipzig and Berlin with their internationally acclaimed artists and events.

The Leipzig Baumwollspinnerei

Formerly Europe’s biggest cotton mill, the Baumwollspinnerei was transformed at the start of the 21st century into a hub for exciting cultural projects and art movements. The Leipzig School, brought to world fame by the painter Neo Rauch, also has its roots here. The Baumwollspinnerei is a place of inspiration for all manner of art forms. It accommodates 100 art studios, eleven galleries and a number of workshops and is home to architects, designers, fashion designers, jewellery makers and an international centre for dance and choreography.

The ‘painter prince’ of Dresden

His creative powers made him the world’s most expensive living artist: Gerhard Richter. Works by the Dresden-born painter can be seen on Berlin’s UNESCO World Heritage Museum Island, among other places.

Berlin Fashion Week

Destination Germany is fast becoming a first-class fashion capital, with Berlin at its centre. The showcase event is Berlin Fashion Week, which is held twice a year together with Bread & Butter, its partner exhibition at the former Tempelhof airport.

Germany ’s Oscar: the ‘Golden Bear’

International blockbusters and experimental films: the Berlinale, more than any other film festival, celebrates not only glamorous star-studded cinema but also ambitious arthouse film-makers. Every February Berlin becomes the focal point of international cinema – presenting film premieres that get everybody talking.


The ZKM Centre for Art and Media in Karlsruhe is a cultural institution unlike any other. With the Museum of Con- temporary Art, Media Museum, Institute for Visual Media, Institute for Music and Acoustics and Institute for Media, Education and Economics all under one roof, this cultural complex offers plenty of opportunity for attending events, joining guided tours and visiting the public collections or media library.

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