Circus Carl Busch, various towns and cities
Circus Carl Busch, various towns and cities © imago

Circus Carl Busch: the perpetual childhood dream

Carl Busch – a name that evokes all the elements of a first-rate circus: the mysterious scent of the circus ring, the snarl of the big cats and the muffled hoofbeats of galloping horses, acrobats flying through the air, clowns, jugglers and tightrope artistes. And, of course, that magical atmosphere that makes the circus a childhood dream: a fantasy burning brightly throughout adulthood and beyond.

The Carl Busch Circus was founded in Nuremberg in 1891 and has since become famous throughout the world for its fantastic live entertainment and thrilling blend of first-rate acrobatics, sensational animal acts and hilarious clownery. This great circus is now owned by fourth- and fifth-generation circus professionals and is managed as a family business by the Wille-Busch family. The circus has come a long way since the days when it was a handful of horse-pulled caravans touring local villages. Today's Carl Busch Circus uses modern technology and electronics, gigantic tents, and a huge retinue of performers, animals and keepers, handymen and many other helping hands when it goes on its extended tours. In 2004 the company also opened the Chiccoland leisure park and children's zoo at the family residence and winter quarters in Dürrwangen-Haslach. This is also where visitor attractions for next year are prepared. Despite all the necessary changes in recent years, the circus is and shall always remain a wonderful piece of human cultural heritage, an inexhaustible source of joy, entertainment and breathless wonder.

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