• Berlin Festival, Berlin
    Berlin Festival, Berlin ©Quelle: Visit Berlin
  • Sam&Son, Munich
    Sam&Son, Munich ©DZT
  • Alsterufer, Hamburg
    Alsterufer, Hamburg ©Hamburg Marketing GmbH
  • East Side Gallery, Berlin
    East Side Gallery, Berlin ©Quelle: Visit Berlin
  • Hackesche Höfe, Berlin
    Hackesche Höfe, Berlin ©Schlovien
  • Sophienclub, Berlin
    Sophienclub, Berlin ©Quelle: Sophienclub Berlin
  • Guru-Shop, Berlin
    Guru-Shop, Berlin ©Quelle: Visit Berlin

Share the moment

Social Media Campaign of the German National Tourist Board (GNTB)

The GNTB campaign “Youth Hotspots in Germany- Share the moment” promotes youth travel to Germany. The main aim of the campaign is to communicate content generated by young international travelers, primarily on social networks but also on the GNTB microsite. The idea is to give greater visibility to ‘Destination Germany for young people’ and to enable related content to be both accessed and generated by the defined target group.

On the campaign website www.germany.travel/youth the user will find an interactive Youth Hotspot Map with a variety of HotSpots in the categories Must Sees, cafes and bars, nightlife, shopping as well as festivals and events in Germany. These HotSpots have been conducted by a survey of young Germans. Moreover, the GNTB also provides a mobile app “Youth HotSpot” with focus on free Wi-Fi in Germany. This app is free of charge and can be found in for Android and iOS the App- and the Google Play-Store.

Impressions of Youth HotSpots in Germany
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Find a huge variety of photos and share your pictures of your Youth HotSpots in Germany on Instagram, #youthhotspotsgermany.

Press-Kit: Theme Year 2013 – Youth

Press releases

Press-Kit: Theme Year 2013 – Youth

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