Friedrichsbau Variety Theatre Stuttgart: a great venue on a historical site

In the heart of Stuttgart, on the very spot where the Friedrichsbau Theatre once stood, a new theatre was built in 1994: the Friedrichsbau Variety Theatre. Since then, the theatre has been enhancing the Baden-Württemberg cultural landscape with an eclectic mix of entertainment. With acrobatics, magic shows, comedy, music, dance and drag on the bill in this delightful venue, you can be sure of a thrilling night.

On this historical site, showtime greats such as Josephine Baker and Charlie Rivel once transported 1920s audiences to another world. Today, the equally varied and distinctive programme bears the unmistakable stamp of Bernhard Paul, artistic director of the Friedrichsbau Variety Theatre and director of Circus Roncalli. Fresh new faces are given stage slots alongside the big stars and it is precisely this variety, combined with the theatre's magical atmosphere that has made such an impact upon its audiences. A constant stream of crowd-pleasers such as Robert Kreis, Tango Five, Topas, Arabeske, the Thuranos and the Kessler twins have passed and continue to pass through its doors. During the winter season, the theatre also lays on a matinee for the whole family called 'Zimt & Zauber' (Cinnamon and Spells), which is a great favourite with children and grown-ups alike. The Friedrichsbau Variety Theatre is also an ideal events venue, lending a particularly special note to anniversaries, work parties or private functions – including a show, supporting programme and excellent catering.

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Fried­richs­bau Va­rieté
70174 Stuttgart
Fon: +49 (0)711 225 70 70

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