Lake Chiemsee Reggae Summer
Lake Chiemsee Reggae Summer ©mb.presse/CRP Konzertagentur GmbH
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Lake Chiemsee summer reggae festival: Bavaria succumbs to Bob Marley fever

Bavaria meets the Caribbean! Bob Marley's and Peter Tosh's musical successors are feted at the Chiemsee Reggae Summer (CRS) in Übersee, south of Lake Chiemsee, one of the region's most beautiful spots. Every August visitors here can chill out Caribbean style, enjoy the laid-back vibe and hear wonderful music at one of the biggest reggae festivals anywhere in Europe.

Even the warm-up event the night before is a hit, with the Chiemsee reggae cruise – a cross between a floating disco, a party ship and a music steamboat – gliding around the lake. This tradition, begun in 2005, marks the official start of a festival that has evolved from modest beginnings in 1995 to the prestigious outdoor music event it is today. It has grown from one day to two and now three, and from one stage to two and now three, plus the Open Decks for upcoming young talents. In 2008 the Chiemsee Reggae Summer spawned the two-day Chiemsee Rocks festival, which takes place immediately beforehand and offers heavier sounds and some great performances by headliners such as Foo Fighters, Die Toten Hosen and Deichkind. Other CRS highlights are a massive campsite for up to 15,000 festival-goers and a barbecue area of over 600 square metres where hungry music fans can cook dinner in a Caribbean atmosphere. There's a butcher's shop close by for fresh, reasonably priced steaks, sausages and fish, and vegetarian barbecue areas for those who prefer to grill potatoes and vegetables.

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