Christmas from A to Z

Christmas markets in Hamburg

Hamburg is Christmas country – all over the city centre. On the most beautiful square, Rathausmarkt, before the historic town hall stand the sugar bakers’, toy makers’ and craftsmen’s stalls, lovingly made by Zirkus Roncalli. Hamburg’s Weihnachstmarkt, situated in the Mönckebergstraße, splendid and expansive with 150 stalls, is also a magnet for visitors to the city. “Santa Pauli – Christmas in Kiez”, is by far the most unusual Christmas market of them all. Here the borders between conventional Christmas tradition and frivolous Kiez life merge. “White magic on the Jungfernsteig” attracts visitors through its Christmas light shows, which end on New Year’s Eve at 2am with resplendent fireworks. If you love peace and quiet you’ve found the right place at the St. Petri church or in and around the Michel – Hamburg’s trademark. International tunes from bands from all over the world and many culinary options are offered on Gänsemarkt. The harbour city goes maritime at the HafenCity Christmas market in the Übersee quarter, “God Jul – Nordic Christmas at the port”, or at the Fleetinsel Weihnachstmarkt. It’s fairytale time on the Binnenalster, where fairytale boats have docked for kids, each with its own programme. The crowning of Christmas Hamburg can be experienced at the Christmas parade, the colourfully lit, cheerful procession of Father Christmases, reindeer, elves and more. Everyone wants in and nobody wants out of the Christmas country that is Hamburg.

Christmas markets - opening times

24.11. - 23.12.2014 Historic Christmas market on Rathausmarkt and Christmas on Gänsemarkt

Fairytale Boats Fri/Sat/Sun 12 noon – 7pm

24.11. - 2014-12-30, 25./26.12. closed

Christmas market on Mönckebergstraße and at the St. Petri Kirche

24.11.2014 - 06.01.2015, 24./25.12.2014 closed White Magic on the Jungferstieg

daily 11am - 9pm, Fri - Sat partially from 10pm, Fleetinsel from 12 noon

20.11. - 23.12.2014, Mon - Wed 3pm - 11pm, Thu until midnight, Fri - Sat 1pm - 1am, Sun 1pm - 11pm St. Pauli

28.11. - 30.12.2014, Fri 3pm - 7pm, Sat/Sun 11am - 7pm Christmas market on Michel

Christmas parade (Mönckeberstraße to Jungernfstieg) 29.11./06.12./13. and 20.12.2014 respectively 11:30am, 2pm and 5pm

24.11. - 31.12.2014, daily 12 noon - 8pm (24.11. from 5:30pm) HafenCity Christmas market in the Übersee quarter

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