Christmas from A to Z

Christmas markets in Potsdam

Variety is the spice of Christmas in Potsdam: there is the Festival of Blue Lights in the historical city centre (22 November to 27 December) with the 'Prinz Valiant' Christmas show (28 November to 28 December daily at 6pm), the Bohemian Christmas market in the weavers' quarter in Babelsberg (30 November to 2 December), the Romantic Christmas market (1 December to 25 December) at Bornstedt crown estate, at the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Sinterklaas market in the Dutch quarter (7 and 8 December) and the Star market on Neuer Markt square (13-15 December) with Germany's Polish neighbours.

Christmas markets - opening times

29 Nov - 28Dec 2014

11am - 8pm daily

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