Christmas from A to Z

Weavers Christmas market in Neubrandenburg

The historical Christmas market in Neubrandenburg gives a festive atmosphere to the whole town, famous for its four medieval gates. There's a daily programme of seasonal entertainment on stage, activities for children and adults in the Glockenstube, a crafts market, Christmas music in St. John's Church, a lantern procession with a guided family history tour on 6 December, and dancing under the big Christmas tree. Other attractions include the ice rink on the market square, the Christmas arts and crafts market at Treptow Gate, the Christmas market at the Vierrademühle mill and the Glöckchenmarkt at the HKB cultural centre, which offers a programme just for kids.

Christmas market - opening times

Opens 27 Nov 2014 at 5pm

27 Nov - 21 Dec 2014

Sun - Thu 10am - 7pm,

Fri - Sat 10am - 9pm

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