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Thuringia Tourist Board – your reliable partner

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Thuringia Tourist Board – your reliable partner
As the official Tourism Marketing Company of the Free State of Thuringia we are promoting our region as a travel destination in Germany and world-wide. We attend national and international travel fairs and workshops, organize study trips for the press and travel trade, produce brochures and maintain an extensive web presentation (German, English, Dutch and Japanese).

We support press and travel trade with itinerary suggestions, information on travelling to and in Thuringia, group rates, tickets for events, special rates for our all-inclusive “ThüringenCard”, pictures, brochures and else.

Please feel free to contact us any time!

Welcome to Thuringia – a short introduction
Thuringia – the heart of Germany – is a guarantee of very special hospitality as a traditional holiday area. The region is famous for its numerous palaces and castles, beautiful landscapes, an outstandingly fine cuisine and the uncompared cultural variety.

The towns and cities of Thuringia fascinate visitors with their lovingly restored historic town centres, UNESCO World Heritage Sites plus many traditional festivals and cultural events of the highest standard. Traces of great historical personalities such as Martin Luther, J. S. Bach, Richard Wagner or J. W. von Goethe can be found almost everywhere.

The beautiful landscapes of the Thuringian Forest, UNESCO World Natural Heritage Hainich National Park or the Lake Resorts have been attracting visitors ever since. Those looking for relaxation can enjoy the Thuringian health resorts and spas. Thermal baths and wellness hotels offer programmes ranging from beauty to medical wellness.

Thuringia offers event highlights throughout the year. Whether a festival, concerts, an exhibition or a town fair – lots of items are popular visitor attractions.

As one of Germany’s most popular walking regions Thuringia offers many certified hiking trails and certified accommodation for hikers. Themed hiking trails follow in the footsteps of historic figures, such as the Goethe or Luther. An excellent network of long-distance cycling trails leaves nothing to be desired, together with facilities for active holidays, such as golf, water and winter sports.

Thuringia celebrates the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2014 and the LutherDecade until 2017. Upcoming highlights include the regional garden show in Schmalkalden in 2015 and the celebration of 100 years of Bauhaus in 2019.

Brands / Products / Services

ThüringenCard – Free time. Free admission.
Hold in one hand the great variety that Thuringia has to offer – this can only be done with the ThüringenCard. More than 240 destinations and attractions, ranging from historic stately homes, fascinating museums, romantic castles and guided sightseeing tours through to relaxing thermal baths, stand for an inexpensive, uncomplicated and unforgettable leisure experience. With the Card you have free admission to all partners.

Everyone who buys the Card is also given a free copy of the attractive DUMONT ThüringenCard Guide with detailed information on all the partners. Information on opening times and events, suggestions for tourist routes and a Thuringian atlas make planning much easier. And the normal admission charges are shown too, so that you can see at a glance how much you are saving with the ThüringenCard.

Sales of the Card through tour operators and agents are subject to a commission of 15 % on the relevant Card price. Cards will be sent to the tour operator as required or lodged directly at the hotel when booked.

Validity & prices

  • 24 h – valid for 24 h following first use
    adults: € 16.00 / children: € 11.00
  • 3 in 365 – valid for 3 freely selectable days within the calendar year
    adults: € 36.00 / children: € 23.00
  • 6 in 365 – valid for 6 freely selectable days within the calendar year
    adults: € 56.00 / children: € 34.00

The children’s prices apply to children between 5 and 14 years of age in association with an adult card. Children under the age of 5 receive the ThüringenCard free.

Cultural Highlights

Cultural Highlights and city breaks
An enormous variety in the arts and cultural life awaits the visitor to the towns and cities of Thuringia. Half-timbered houses, Royal palaces and sights without number are evidence of the sheer wealth of the history of this area. This history is closely linked with the lives and works of the most important representatives of German cultural and intellectual life. Museums, theatres, exhibitions and concert halls invite you to encounters with the works of J. W. Goethe and Friedrich Schiller, of the composers J. S. Bach, Richard Wagner and Franz Liszt or the painters Lucas Cranach and Otto Dix.

Luther's Wartburg, Weimar German Classics Heritage and the Bauhaus count among the protected sites of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. The Thuringian events calendar is very full: with cultural and arts highlights such as the Erfurt Cathedral Steps Festival, the Thuringian Bach Weeks or Weimar Summer Festival through to the various historic castle and medieval festivals. But there is also a great deal on offer outside of towns and cities of Thuringia: for example during the concert summer in the Thalbuergel Monastery Church or at the Kochberg Castle Theatre. See traditional crafts, attractive museums and sights off the beaten track, such as the “Thuringian Fried Sausage Museum” near Gotha or the “Adventure Mines” in Merkers.

Thuringia – fascinating world of Christmas
Christmas tree decorations were first blown in Lauscha, famous Christmas music comes from here, while numerous Christmas Markets – such as the Erfurt Christmas Market or the historic Christmas Market on the Wartburg have become great attractions.

Discovering Thuringia by themed tours
Many different themed tours cross Thuringia. The most popular tourist route links the most interesting towns of importance in the arts and culture including Eisenach the Wartburg town, Thuringia’s medieval state capital Erfurt, Weimar the home of the German Classics, Meiningen the theatre town or the Goethe town Ilmenau.

2014 celebrates the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Luther Decade also offers various exhibitions, events and concerts in preparation for the 500th anniversary in 2017.

Some of the most popular touristic routes

  • On the tracks of Johann Sebastian Bach
  • On the tracks of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • On the tracks of Martin Luther and the Reformation
  • Traditions & crafts in Thuringia
  • Christmas in Thuringia

More interesting topics

Popular coach routes

  • Thuringia’s cultural cities
  • Experience the Thuringian Forest - Oberhof, Suhl, Zella-Mehlis, Meiningen, Schmalkalden, Ilmenau, Gräfenroda, Ohrdruf
  • The Saaleland region Kahla, Rudolstadt, Saalfeld, Hohenwarte Dam lake, Dornburg Palaces, Jena
  • Fairytale Thuringia – Southern Harz Mountains and Kyffhäuser region

Health, Active and Nature

Health and wellness offers
The clear proof of the fact that Thuringia is a wonderful place to really relax and bring both body and mind into great shape is the enormous number of highly modern health baths and spas that are available. A great number of healing springs, bogs and mineral sources and a very pleasing and healthy climate are among the reasons why Thuringia has become a truly popular and well equipped place to bathe.

20 health baths and spas ranging from the fresh air baths of the Thuringian Forest to the fashionable spas for taking the waters await health-conscious guests. Among the most famous are Bad Sulza, Bad Liebenstein, Bad Salzungen and Bad Langensalza. Outstanding wellness hotels, unique hot springs, experience fun pools and baths, modern rehabilitation clinics and very inviting wellness package deals have turned the Thuringian health resorts, springs and spas into exactly what health and relaxation seekers are looking for. The Celtic Baths in Bad Salzungen, the Tuscany Thermal Baths with Liquid Sound® in Bad Sulza, the Friederiken Hot Springs in Bad Langensalza or the Avenida Thermal Baths in Hohenfelden offer wellness in a very special atmosphere, as do the listed hotels.

Thuringia’s finest hot springs (selection)

  • Terraced thermal Bath Bad Colberg
  • Celtic Baths Bad Salzungen
  • Bad Sulza Tuscany Thermal Baths
  • Rennsteig Therme Oberhof (re-opening 2014)
  • Ardesia Hot Springs Bad Lobenstein

Wellness hotels of the extra class (selection)

  • Ramada Hotel Friedrichroda
  • Hotel Residenz Bad Frankenhausen
  • Bio Seehotel Zeulenroda
  • kultur.hotel Kaiserhof Bad Liebenstein
  • Best Western Hotel am Vitalpark Heilbad Heiligenstadt
  • Berghotel Oberhof

Nature and Activities
A highly varied landscape with mountains of up to nearly 1,000 m in height, endless lovely meadows and ever-lasting stretches of forests, nature parks such as the Thuringian Forest or the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Hainich National Park, UNESCO Biosphere reserves Vessertal and Rhön, the Harz Mountains, rivers, lakes and dams: Thuringia, is all of this and much more. In addition to the famous Rennsteig hiking trail, there are many other paths that delight the heart of any hiker. A unique experience is follwoing routes once walked by famous people like M. Luther, J. S. Bach or J. W. von Goethe. The Pilgramage Trail, marked with a capital "L", covers about 900 km in Thuringia and links Luther's places of works and important reformation venues.

Thuringia is not only the state of top athletes and world champions but also offers a thousand ways of spending an active holiday in natural surroundings. Take a boat trip on one of Thuringia’s dam lakes, pay an exciting visit to a show mine, play golf, feel like a ski jumper, discover the countryside in a historic train – this is all possible!

Still, Thuringia is a paradise for hikers in the first place. 23 certified hiking trails and many certified accommo­dation offers are a guarantee for that.

Thuringia is also becoming increasingly attractive to cyclists. They prefer the combination of culture and nature the 4-star certified Ilm Valley Cycle Trail offers for example. Ambitious cyclists prefer the Rennsteig Cycle Trail or the new Mountainbike Cycle Trail in Oberweißbach.

Winter sports all year round are being offered in Oberhof with it's ski jumps, ski arena and the first indoor ski centre.


Conferring at the heart of Germany

Congresses and Conferences with a quality promise
Thuringia offers extraordinary and modern opportunities for meetings, whether in a cutting-edge exhibition centre or in the emperor’s hall in Erfurt, at the Congress Centre of the new Weimarhalle in Weimar or the five star Hotel at Wartburg Castle.

These venues are not only all backed up by outstanding conference hotels and tempting incentive programmes – A conference in Thuringia always has the unbeatable attraction of combining superbly well with cultural highlights and events, for example in Weimar with a visit the homes of Goethe and Schiller or in Eisenach the Wartburg Castle, both UNESCO World Heritage Sights.

Further reasons for conferring in Thuringia are the unbeatable value for money, the close link between culture, business and science in Thuringia plus the ideal geographical situation in the centre of Germany.

Special attention should also be paid to various opportunities to visit innovative companies such as Kahla Porcelain, the Köstritzer Black Beer Brewery, or Carl Zeiss Jena.

Nearly 40 partners, including congress and conference centres, convention towns, conference hotels and incentive agencies are presented in a Conference Planner and subject to a stringent quality process.

Group Offers

Selection of group offers
Imaginative and unique programmes are available for parties all over Thuringia. There is a wealth of different alternatives – getting to know Thuringia in an unusual way, enjoying exceptional cultural performances, tackling challenges in the great outdoors together or experiencing a stylish event.

Programmes associated with the tasty and varied Thuringian cuisine are particularly popular, because, after all, food and drink keep body and soul together! In many cases, the focus is not just culinary enjoyment but also preparing dishes oneself – an enthralling experience with a longlasting effect.

The programmes listed are a selection of what is available in Thuringia. The minimum number of participants depends on the programme; however, most of the programmes are also suitable for small parties.


  • Classical Music underwater in Bad Sulza
  • When a fairy meets a miner in Saalfeld
  • Christmas tree decoration workshop in Lauscha


  • Erfurts fine surroundings
  • Into the past with a historic railway in the Thuringian Forest
  • 3D-Journey into the Middle Ages in Schmalkalden
  • Mühlhausen and the Reformation


  • Luther Meal in Eisenach
  • Wine in the Tuscany of the East
  • Historic pub crawl in Gera
  • A culinary town walk in Altenburg

The Thuringian organisers have many more attractive ideas for parties and will be pleased to put together tailor-made programmes or make an individual price offer.

Barrier-free Travel

Over the last years, offers for barrier-free travel in Thuringia have increased significantly. Many towns offer special sightseeing tours and many attractions can be visited by disabled guests.

Towns with special sightseeing tours (selection)

Attractions with special offers (selection)

  • Bach Church Arnstadt
  • Tuscany Thermal Baths Bad Sulza
  • Bach House Eisenach
  • Cathedral St. Mary and Old Synagogue Erfurt
  • Treetop Trail in Hainich National Park – UNESCO World Natural Heritage
  • Rennsteig Mountain Plants Garden Oberhof
  • „Morassina“ Visitor Mine with sauna
  • Duchess Anna Amalia Library Weimar

Erfurt: Barrier-free city destination
Thuringia’s capital is a leading destination for accessible city breaks. Central to this is a comprehensive set of guided tours for visitors with restricted mobility, blind and partially sighted people, deaf people, those with hearing impairments, and guests with learning disabilities. Blind visitors can enjoy a Braille city guide book with relief illustrations describing Erfurt’s attractions or the tactile model of Erfurt’s old quarter. Erfurt also has plenty of leisure activities on offer, for example the scent and touch garden for blind and partially sighted people on the grounds of the “egapark”. Additionally numerous hotels provide a special service for guests with reduced mobility and the public transport network is also largely barrier-free.

How to travel to Thuringia

By car / bus

  • motorway with Autobahn A 4 (East-West link: Dresden – Frankfurt am Main)
  • motorway with Autobahn A 9 (North-South link: Berlin – Munich)
  • motorway with Autobahn A 38 (East-West link: Leipzig – Göttingen)
  • motorway with Autobahn A 71 (South-North link: Würzburg / Schweinfurt – Sömmerda)
  • motorway with the Autobahn A 73 (South-North link: Nuremberg – Suhl)

By train

  • ICE Wiesbaden - Mainz - Frankfurt / M. airport – Frankfurt / M. South or Frankfurt /M. main station – Eisenach – Gotha - Erfurt – Leipzig – Dresden, every hour (stop in Gotha every 2 hrs.)
  • ICE Berlin – Halle - Jena – München
  • ICE or IC train Berlin – Leipzig – Jena – Munich
  • ICE Hamburg - Berlin - Leipzig - Jena
  • extensive rail network in Thuringia,

By air

  • Erfurt Weimar Airport:
    direct motorway link to Autobahn A 4 / A 71


Thuringia Tourist Board

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99107 Erfurt

Tel. +49-361-37420
Fax +49-361-3742388

Opening hours Tourist Information Thuringia:
Mo - Fri 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Sat, Sun 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Contact for the Travel Trade
Ms. Dorothea Schäffler
Tel. +49-361-3742230

Ms. Carolina von Stojentin
Tel. +49-361-3742207

How to travel to Thuringia

By car / bus

  • motorway with Autobahn A 4 (East-West link: Dresden – Frankfurt am Main)
  • motorway with Autobahn A 9 (North-South link: Berlin – Munich)
  • motorway with Autobahn A 38 (East-West link: Leipzig – Göttingen)
  • motorway with Autobahn A 71 (South-North link: Würzburg / Schweinfurt – Sömmerda)
  • motorway with the Autobahn A 73 (South-North link: Nuremberg – Suhl)

By train

  • ICE Frankfurt / M. airport – Frankfurt / M. South or Frankfurt /M. main station – Eisenach - Erfurt – Leipzig – Dresden, every hour
  • ICE Düsseldorf - Frankfurt /M. main station – Eisenach - Gotha - Erfurt – Weimar, every hour
  • ICE Hamburg - Berlin - Leipzig - Jena - Saalfeld - Munich, every 2 hours
  • Frankfurt /M. - Eisenach - Gotha - Erfurt - Weimar - Halle - Berlin, every hour
  • extensive rail network in Thuringia,

By air

Erfurt Weimar Airport:

scheduled flights to London

  • direct motorway link to Autobahn A 4 / A 71