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Nightlife Hotspots in Leipzig

One of the best know party locations in the city. The Moritzbastei offers a wide variety of music at night and if you don't feel like dancing there's always the option to grab a drink and watch the crowd from one of the many cosy corners. The Moritzbastei is located right in front for the University building, just take the stairs downstairs and you're there. The building itself used to be part of the Leipzig mediaeval fortifications and was transformed into a cultural center in 1982.
Address: Universitätsstrasse 9

Cafe Waldi
Imagine walking into your German grandparents home to meet up with some friends over a beer and a bite to eat. The walls are decorated accordingly with deer horns, vintage nature paintings and funny looking carvings. And then the DJ shows up and turns the living room into a dance floor. Now, that's what a great party should look like.
There are plenty of drinks to choose from, the food is tasty and they also offer daily events at night! 
Address: Peterssteinweg 10

Cafe Luise
Right in the middle of the party mile of Gottschedestrasse you'll find spacious Cafe Louise. At night little remains of the cafe and the place turns into a laid back bar with great food and a good selection of drinks to choose from. If you're heading there on a Friday night you can return to the scene of crime the following morning as the Cafe offers a great breakfast on Saturdays!
Address: Bosestraße 4 (on the corner to Gottschedestrasse)

The the Vodkaria over 600 different kinds of vodka spirits are waiting for thirsty customers. A small part of which is displayed in a large fridge right in front when you enter the bar. But – before you get started on shots also make sure you check out the menu. Polnish Barschtsch, russian Pelmeni or an islandic specialities with names like “Löggaeslumyndavélunum” are not only delicious – they're also a great idea if you're planning on a long night of drinking. Nastrovje!
Address: Gottschedestraße 15.

Flower Power
The sign pointing towards the Flower Power on Petersstrasse is so big that you'll have no way of missing it, even if your eyes are already a bit tired. Once you've entered the bar your eyes will have to adjust again to the the unusual interior. Watch out for flowers growing from the walls and ceiling and make sure you don't miss the cow that runs on a cable just above the bar. At the back of the bar there's even a dartboard. Ask for the password for free wifi!
This is the kind of bar you'll want to hit late – or if you come early check out the live band.
Adresse: Riemannstraße 42

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