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HotSpots in Germany

The magic of the wood and water


You will never tire to see at the sea. But some combinations is especially impressive.

Sunset in the Dierhagen


It was i one of the unfogettably sunset in my memory.

Störtebeker Festspiele


Experiencing German Medieval Open-Air Theatre

If you fancy live theatre you'll want to visit Störtebeker Festspiele in Ralswiek, Rügen. You'll feast your eyes on medieval themed live open-air entertainment with no shortage of sword fights, explosions and singing. The quality of acting is superb, the set is elaborately detailed and the story-line (event though in German) is easy enough to follow.

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Youth HotSpot
07. May 2015 by Samuel Jeffery
Tag(s): Must Sees Putbus

im-jaich wasserferienwelt


Staying overnight at a stilt water apartment in Rügen

Sometimes it can be challenging to find accommodations that offer a unique experience. While visiting Rügen consider spending the night in a stilt apartment built over the water. Waking up in the morning with sunlight streaming through your window, ducks floating underneath your flat and an unforgettable sunrise make this place incredible.



Punting down the canals in Spreewald

One of the highlights of my time in Spreewald was punting down the various canals where I was able to spot wildlife, enjoy nature and marvel at gorgeous homes on secluded islands. A punt is a flat-bottomed boat for use in shallow waters and many of the locals still use these to get around. If you're in Spreewald definitely make this a priority. Another option is to rent a small kayak and explore the canals yourself.

A voir absolument : « Rhin en Flammes » des feux d’artifice dans la vallée du Rhin romantique
#youth #festivalsevents

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Youth HotSpot
07. April 2015 by Marky Stevenson
Tag(s): Must Sees Delhi




Free and use a ugly

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Youth HotSpot
07. April 2015 by Julie Sarperi
Tag(s): Must Sees Karlsruhe


Un musée à ne pas rater !

Le musée d'art contemportain de Karlsruhe est connu internationalement ! C'est un genre de Centre Pompidou allemand, qui fait beaucoup de recherche autour de l'art et de la science. Cette année, pour les 300 ans de la ville, des expos hors les murs et de très intéressantes expos dans le musée, un nuage, des installations interactives... Vraiment très cool !

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