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09. January 2015 by Zoe Dawes
Tag(s): Must Sees Marienberg

Schloss Marienburg


Romantic castle near Hannover

Built by Blind King' George V for his wife, Marienburg Castle towers over Leine Valley. It's beautiful outside and is gorgeously decorated inside. Until Dec 2015 Royal Hannoverian Crown, Sceptre and Princess Crown are on display.

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30. August 2015 by Zoe Dawes
Tag(s): Must Sees Hannover

Herrenhausen Garden


Beautiful Baroque Gardens

Gorgeous Baroque Gardens laid out by Sophia Duchess and Electress of Hannover in the 17th C.

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30. August 2015 by Zoe Dawes
Tag(s): Must Sees Bückeburg

Schlossberg Bückeburg


Baroque splendour in Lower Saxony

Over 700 years of history in this lovely Palace but it's the Baroque splendour that I loved. Also Courtly Horse Riding displays, huge Mausoleum and very attractive grounds, which are free to walk round

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29. August 2015 by Zoe Dawes
Tag(s): Must Sees Celle

Celle Palace


Beautiful historic palace

This lovely palace is home to Hanoverian ducal family with strong connections to British royal family. Fascinating inside and out.

randoplh fair



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22. August 2015 by Deejay Nicke
Tag(s): Bars & Cafes Leipzig



The BEST Coffee in town!

This place roasts, grinds, and brews their own coffee onsite.
It is by far the best coffee in Leipzig, maybe in Germany. They prepare is 12 different ways, including amazing espresso and some Japanese siphons that look like they're straight out of Breaking Bad.

This is worth a visit if you love coffee.

Van valami tuti tippetek az esti szórakozáshoz Németországban? Hotspot oldalunkon megtaláljátok a többi felhasználó kedvenc klubbjait és bárjait, illetve meg is oszthatjátok velük a sajátjaitokat.
#youth #nightlife

Fotó © Nachtschicht Kaiserslautern

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19. August 2015 by Abigail King
Tag(s): Must Sees Rust

Europa Park


A Taste of Europe Through A Theme Park

Often described as the "Disney World" of Germany, this phrase sells the Europa Park short. Yes, there's a furry mouse and plenty of rollercoaster rides and sugary treats. But this is a vast theme park with glossy spas for grown ups, a Michelin-starred restaurant and a million things for children that takes them to Spain, Portugal, Russia, France, Italy, England and beyond (the far edge of the park heads to Boston and New England.) If you have children, make sure to stop off here.

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