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Nightlife in Germany


Éjszakai élet Lipcsében - tippek a következő utazáshoz!
Keresd a felkapott helyszíneket a térképen!
#youth #leipzig #nightlife
Fotó © @leahajner


¿Quieres salir de fiesta en #Leipzig? ¡¡Busca los mejores sitios en este mapa!!

#youth #nightlife #Travel #Alemania


HELLO HÉTVÉGE! És akkor talán irány Berlin!
#youth #berlin #nightlife

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Youth HotSpot
23. April 2015 by alemaniaturismo
Tag(s): Nightlife Leipzig


#Leipzig es la nueva #Berlín. Sus HotSpots, aquí #youth #leipzig #nightlife

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Youth HotSpot
by Fabienne Rohner
Tag(s): Nightlife Dresden

Hard Rock Café - Hamburg


Let's have a drink- room 64

Room 64 is a really cool cocktail bar in Neustadt!
Nice and comfy atmosphere, but what makes this place really special is the barman!
Ask him for his special cocktail! He will cmoe to your table, ask you 4 basic questions and then go back behind the bar and prepare you a surprise cocktail based on your answers and taste! We were 5 when we went, and all cocktails tasted amazing! Mine was exactly the kind of drinks I like!
And bonus, all used juices, spices and fruits are 100% fresh and natural!


Play "gollard"

At Stilbruch bar (Böhmische Straße 30), you can play "gollard" a combinaison of mini golf and pool ! You play the same way as pool but you can walk on the table that is on the floor and instead of using a cue, you're using a mini golf club... So much fun !

Hátizsákkal #Frankfurt városában? Naná!
Mike Corey számos tippet ad, és bemutatja kedvenc helyszíneit.
#youth #mustsees #barscafes #nightlife

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Youth HotSpot
17. March 2015 by alemaniaturismo
Tag(s): Nightlife

¿#Frankfurt para mochileros? @KickTheGrind nos da sus mejores consejos. #youth #mustsees #barscafes #nightlife

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