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Shopping in Germany

Ha nyár, akkor shopping! Ti hol vásárolgattatok utoljára? Osszátok meg velünk itt: és segítsetek másoknak is tippjeitekkel!

#shopping #youth #mustsee #hotspots

Fotó © DZT/Rainer Kiedrowski.

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17. June 2015 by destinoalemania
Tag(s): Shopping

El verano es para las compras... ¿Adonde soléis ir para encontrar las gangas de la temporada?
Os presentamos los consejos de “Shopping“ en Alemania para nuestros visitantes. ➡

#shopping #youth #mustsee #hotspots
Foto: ONAT

Divatrajongók figyelem!
Hamburgból kocsival 40 perc alatt elérhető a McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Neumünsterben. Ott pedig több mint 100 különböző dizájnermárka vár benneteket kedvező árakkal! #shopping #youth #GermanyTourism

Fotó © McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Neumünster

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Youth HotSpot
27. May 2015 by visitealemanha
Tag(s): Shopping

Alguém aí falou em #outlets? :-) #temostaxfree #comprasnaAlemanha #shopping #youth #taxfree #GermanyTourism

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24. May 2015 by destinoalemania
Tag(s): Shopping

¡¡Atención Fashion Victims!!

A la puertas de Hamburg se encuentran las tiendas del Outlet „ McArthurGlen Designer Outlet“ en la localidad de Neumünster. Más de 100 marcas os esperan, ¡a precios de ganga!

Ver más: #shopping #youth #GermanyTourism
Foto: @McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Neumuenster

Striffler Bakery

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Perfect Snack - Rothenburger Schneeballen

Rothenburger Schneeballen, or Rothenburg Snowballs, are small pastries that are common in this part of Germany, but especially so in Rothenburg. They’re simple really, just traditional pastry dough that’s fried and then drenched with powdered sugar. And yes, they’re just as good as they sound. They also come in a wide variety of options, including a chocolate version that I loved especially. They make excellent presents to take back home since they can last for weeks and travel well.

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Youth HotSpot
18. April 2015 by germanytravelNL
Tag(s): Shopping

In welke Duitse stad ga jij het liefst shoppen? #shopping #youth #cities

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Youth HotSpot
by Fabienne Rohner
Tag(s): Shopping Dresden

Kaffee Rosengarten


selfie time :)

Ok everybody, it's time to put down these terrible selfie sticks for a while and come back to basics! :) These awesome foto machines are to be seen in different places in the Neustadt. It's only 2€ for 4 B/W pictures!

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