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Must Sees in Darmstadt


Egy csodás park #Darmstadt városában nagyon öreg fákkal és építészeti műremekekkel. A Mathildenhöhe mindenképpen megér egy látogatást! #youth #mustsees

Fotó © Andrew Cowin

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Youth HotSpot
07. July 2013 by Inna Kosenko
Tag(s): Must Sees Darmstadt

Reise meiner Träume


Russische Orthodoxe Kirche der hl. Maria Magdalena

The decision to build a church in Darmstadt was caused by the desire of Nicholas II and Alexandra Feodorovna (née Princess of Hesse-Darmstadt) to have the opportunity to attend an Orthodox church during his stay in the hometown of the Empress. The temple was built by the personal funds of the imperial family. Was spent on the construction of the personal funds of the emperor in the amount of 310,000 rubles. The author of the project is the architect Leon Benois. September 26 (October 8), in 1899 the church was consecrated in the name of St. Mary Magdalene.

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Youth HotSpot
18. February 2013 by
Tag(s): Must Sees Darmstadt

State Theatre


Mathildenhöhe park


This HotSpot is:
“A beautiful park with very old trees and wonderful buildings. The light on the Mathildenhöhe is different in every season of the year. Definitely worth a visit!”

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