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Must Sees in Wuppertal

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Youth HotSpot
05. April 2013 by Bartek Szaro
Tag(s): Must Sees Wuppertal

Wuppertaler Schwebebahn


Architectural curiosity

This longest in the world overhead railway is used in Wuppertal
as public transport. Main part of its rails is situated 10 meters
above... the river. So people in this city have got very original
opportuinity to change locations. I recomend you to try get a
ride or at least to see how does it work because there are not many
other places in the world when you can see public transport like
this. It's a strange and emocional experience to hang in a rail car. And realize that it was construsted over 100 years ago!

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Youth HotSpot
17. January 2012 by
Tag(s): Must Sees Wuppertal

Hardt park


This HotSpot is:
“The ideal place for meeting friends and making new ones. On summer weekends (if the weather is fine) there can be up to 500 people there in one evening, and the age range is from 16 to 25. The ideal place to enjoy the weather and be among people.”

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