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Must Sees in Germany

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30. August 2015 by Zoe Dawes
Tag(s): Must Sees Hannover

Herrenhausen Garden


Beautiful Baroque Gardens

Gorgeous Baroque Gardens laid out by Sophia Duchess and Electress of Hannover in the 17th C.

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30. August 2015 by Zoe Dawes
Tag(s): Must Sees Bückeburg

Schlossberg Bückeburg


Baroque splendour in Lower Saxony

Over 700 years of history in this lovely Palace but it's the Baroque splendour that I loved. Also Courtly Horse Riding displays, huge Mausoleum and very attractive grounds, which are free to walk round

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29. August 2015 by Zoe Dawes
Tag(s): Must Sees Celle

Celle Palace


Beautiful historic palace

This lovely palace is home to Hanoverian ducal family with strong connections to British royal family. Fascinating inside and out.

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19. August 2015 by Abigail King
Tag(s): Must Sees Rust

Europa Park


A Taste of Europe Through A Theme Park

Often described as the "Disney World" of Germany, this phrase sells the Europa Park short. Yes, there's a furry mouse and plenty of rollercoaster rides and sugary treats. But this is a vast theme park with glossy spas for grown ups, a Michelin-starred restaurant and a million things for children that takes them to Spain, Portugal, Russia, France, Italy, England and beyond (the far edge of the park heads to Boston and New England.) If you have children, make sure to stop off here.

Main Tower

Frankfurt am Main

Fantastuc view

Panoramic view from the 54th story terrace of Main Tower.

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Youth HotSpot
16. August 2015 by Abigail King
Tag(s): Must Sees Völklingen

Völklingen Hutte


Industrial History and Modern Art + UNESCO Status

You probably need a full day to make the most of this place - and some sturdy, sensible shoes! This former ironworks showcases the size and impersonal nature of the industrial revolution and its role through war and peace until its abrupt end in the 1970s. Today it functions as a science, history and art museum in one and changes its exhibitions frequently. Guaranteed to make you think.

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08. April 2015 by destinoalemania
Tag(s): Must Sees

Zoológico y parque safari Stukenbrock: Más de 600 animales os esperan, entre ellos elefantes, camellos, jirafas, monos, rinocerontes, antílopes y cebras. #youth #mustsees
Foto: Copyright Zoo Safaripark Stukenbrock

Pillanatfelvétel a Stukenbrock szafariparkból. Itt találtok egy listát számos izgalmas szabadidős tevékenységgel. Te melyiket próbálnád ki leginkább?
#youth #mustsees

Fotó © Zoo Safaripark Stukenbrock

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