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Bars & Cafes in Germany

Curry's - 'First Currywurst' restaurant.


Currywurst met een gouden randje.

Midden de trendy restaurants en bars in Medienhafen kan je ook gewone currywurst eten. Hoewel, gewoon? Bij Curry's First Currywurst Restaurant (de beste in NRW werd ons gezegd) in de Hammer Strasse serveren ze enkel currywurst en frietjes met lekkere huisgemaakte sausjes. Wij aten er dé specialiteit: Goldener Currywurst, een worst met een laagje 18 karaats bladgoud. Onze frietjes dipten we een in sausje van maanzaad en truffel en spoelden alles door met een heerlijke Rieslingwijn. Heel origineel maar vooral ontzettend lekker.



Questa parte della Germania è fierissima dei suoi vini, riconosciuti a livello mondiale. Ieri abbiamo partecipato ad una degustazione, avendo modo di assaggiarne qualcuno. Davvero ottimi! #JoinGermanTradition

Quirky Things You Didn’t Know About the Rheingau Region of Germany

Home to world-famous Riesling wines, ancient castles, postcard villages with half-timbered homes, and dramatic scenery along the River Rhine, the Rheingau region of Germany is full of surprises. Here are ten quirky things you didn’t know!

1) A German family owns and lives in the Rheinstein Castle

This elegant 14th century castle perched above the Rhine River passed through the hands of many royal families before it went up for sale in a dilapidated state in the 1970s. The Hecher family bought it in 1975, made it their home, started renovating, and opened parts to the public to travel back in time with panoramic views on the Rhine.

2) Queen Victoria’s favorite Riesling vineyard is in the little village of Hochheim.

Sleepily located along the Rhine, the village of Hochheim has a rare claim to fame – it is home to Queen Victoria’s favorite Riesling vineyard, and Queen Elizabeth was its most recent royal guest. Currently managed by the Flick family, it is possible to rent part of the vineyard, join the harvest, and have your own Riesling – finally something in common with the queen!

3) The Rhine valley is among the northernmost places that can grow Riesling grapes

One of the northernmost regions of Europe to produce wines, the Rheingau region is blessed with sunshine, relatively moderate climate, and the right soils and inclines for wine growing. The northern location results in less ripe grapes and more acidic wines – hence some of the finest Rieslings in Europe!

4) Every wine-growing village in the Rheingau has a “wine queen”

Traditionally, wine queens were the daughters of wine merchants, but with time, the title evolved into elected icons to represent the wineries of each of Rheingau village. Wine festivals are a great time to mingle with them and hear all the inside stories, challenges and joys of wine making.

5) You can sleep in a real wine barrel!

Sturdy large oak barrels were once heavily used in wine production, but when some of them were rendered unusable, Hotel Lindenwirt in Rudesheim am Rhein decided to convert them into hotel rooms! Imagine sleeping with the aromas of wine and waking up to peep out of your own barrel.

6) The nuns of Hildegard Abbey have been making wine since the Middle Ages

The living traditions of the Rheingau never cease to amaze! On the hill above the vineyards of Rudesheim, the abbey of St. Hildergard is the only one in Germany that has been making fine Riesling wines since the Middle Ages. You can chat with the nuns and their austere way of life, as you taste their wines.

7) There’s a summer / fall wine festival in every Rheingau village

What better way to immerse yourself in the wine culture of the Rhine region than attending a traditional wine festival in one of its wine-growing villages? From Rudesheim Wine Festival dating back 80+ years to the Rheingau Musik Festival, there’s something for all ages and interests, and there’s always plenty of wines to taste!

8) Assmannshausen is the only Rheingau village that can grow Pinot Noir (red wine) grapes

While majority of the Rheingau region grows white Riesling grapes, Assmannshausen, on the river bend after Rudesheim, is the only village to have soils apt for the Pinot Noir grapes – hence producing the region’s only red wines.

9) There’s a “toll castle” on an island in the Rhine River

The picturesque 14th century Pfalzgrafenstein Castle sits on an island in the River Rhine, and once served as a toll collection castle for all boats that passed on the river. It is accessible by a boat from the town of Kaub, and a walk down the memory lanes of the Rhine.

10) Late harvest wines were accidentally discovered at Schloss Johannisberg in 1775!

Germany’s oldest Riesling winery, dating back 900 years, is also the home of the wonderfully sweet late harvest wines in the region. Legend has it that in 1775, the harvest orders reached the monks a few weeks late, leading to the serendipitous discovery of Spatlese, the cherished late harvest Rieslings of the Rheingau.

Rheingau wineries

Must-Try Wineries in Germany’s Rhine and Mosel Valleys

Known the world over for its fine Riesling wines, the Rhine and Mosel regions of Germany are home to passionate wine-making families, traditional abbeys where monks and nuns have produced wine since the Middle Ages, and experimental new age wineries. Here are some must stop-and-taste cellars in the region:

Schloss Johannisberg

The oldest Riesling winery in the region was once a monastery where monks began producing wine over 900 years ago! It is here that late harvest wines were serendipitously discovered in 1775, and on a warm sunny afternoon, you can try their finest Rieslings in an ancient cellar or with a panoramic view of Johannisberg and its vineyards.

St Hildegard Abbey

The only nunnery in Germany that has been producing wine since the Middle Ages, St Hildegard Abbey, perched on a hill above the popular town of Rudesheim, is an experience. Stop by the majestic church on the premises, walk through the carefully pruned vineyards, chat with the traditionally attired nuns about their austere way of life, and sip some of their finest Rieslings.

Kloster Eberbach

A Cistercian monastery up until the 1800s, Kloster Eberbach, located near the village of Eltville, continues its wine traditions to this day, while also playing host to the famous Rheingau Musik Festival. Taste wines as you walk through time along the stunning Gothic and Romanesque architecture, and sneak a peek at the historic wine presses once used in wine production.

Weingut Allendorf

Have you ever considered the role of color on your taste buds? You’ll think about it when you sip the same glass of wine at Weingut Allendorf in different colored lights.
You have to experience this family-run winery’s tastings to believe it, in the twin town of Oestrich-Winkel along the Rhine.

Weingut Rossler

If you’re looking for a hands-on wine growing and tasting experience, look no further than Weingut Rossler in the sleepy little village of Lorch. Follow the Rossler family to their vineyards to help with pruning or harvesting, taste their fine home-made Rieslings in their modern cellar, or sit back at their cozy outdoor restaurant with a glass of wine; everyone knows everyone else in this village and you won’t be a stranger for long!

Flick Winery aka Queen Victoria vineyard

You need a reason to take a detour to the small village of Hochheim along the Rhine, and I’ll give you a good one – this is Queen Victoria’s favorite Riesling vineyard and Queen Elizabeth was its most recent guest. Meet the Flick family and feel a little like royalty, as you taste their ‘royal’ wines! Need I say more?

Berg’s Alte Bauernschanke

The only village to grow Pinot Noir (red wine) grapes along the Rhine is the picturesque half-timbered village of Assmannshausen; homed in one such building is Berg’s – a horse stable in the 1400s! Konrad Berg, the third generation owner, is a hobbyist wine maker, with vineyards scattered across the Rheingau for different grape variety. Stop by for a glass of wine, indulge in a wine spa and peek into life in the bygone days.


The Mosel is home to the steepest vineyards of Germany, and you don’t have to stray far from the quirky city of Trier to realize that. Take in the majestic Roman ruins and the youthful vibe of the city, but don’t forget to show up for a wine tasting of the finest Mosel Rieslings at Weinsinning, a charming neighborhood restaurant and wine bar that handpicks and displays the region’s best wines on its wine wall.

Traditional cider houses

Back in the 1500s, the vineyards of Frankfurt were irrevocably attacked by parasites, leading locals to the realization that growing grapes in this soil was near impossible. They turned to apple orchards for wine, and the famous Apfelwein (apple wine) is served to this day in the traditional cider houses of Zum Gemalten Haus and Wagner in Frankfurt’s Sachsenhausen district.

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27. September 2015 by Michael Turtle
Tag(s): Bars & Cafes Nuremberg

Albrecht Dürer Stube


Great local food

One of the culinary specialties in Nuremberg is the pork shoulder - or Schäuferle - where the meat is tender and the outside crispy. You can get it in a plenty of restaurants around the city but this is one of the best. The whole menu has a good selection of local delicacies and the friendly staff will help you with suggestions if you need.

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20. September 2015 by Michael Turtle
Tag(s): Bars & Cafes Hamburg



Great sunset spot

The city beach in Hamburg is slightly tricky to get to on public transport but worth the effort. The lovely stretch of sand has great views of the river and you can watch the ships coming in and out. Around sunset, the best place to stop is the Strandperle bar where you can grab a beer and sit at a table on the sand. Try one of the fish sandwiches too - the herring one is my favourite! :)

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07. October 2015 by Jiang Han
Tag(s): Bars & Cafes Hannover



Pork and all from Bavarium

Bavarium is very traditional restaurant in downtown. Of course the pork is very very good, but the fried chicken is also delicious! #joingermantradition#foodanddrink#hannover

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07. July 2015 by Jiang Han
Tag(s): Bars & Cafes Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf old town - the 'world's longest bar'


Kurzer Brewery

Compared with Uerige Brewery, Kurzer is a new one making beer with modern ways. Your can drink very fresh beer through a long tube, mmmm...... very good! #joingermantradition#foodanddrink#dusseldorf

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