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Bars & Cafes in Germany

Striffler Bakery

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Perfect Snack - Rothenburger Schneeballen

Rothenburger Schneeballen, or Rothenburg Snowballs, are small pastries that are common in this part of Germany, but especially so in Rothenburg. They’re simple really, just traditional pastry dough that’s fried and then drenched with powdered sugar. And yes, they’re just as good as they sound. They also come in a wide variety of options, including a chocolate version that I loved especially. They make excellent presents to take back home since they can last for weeks and travel well.

Kessler Sekt

Esslingen am Neckar

Sampling Germany’s Oldest Sparkling Wine

Something unexpected surprises visitors to Esslingen, near Stuttgart - the oldest producer of sparkling wines in Germany. For more than 180 years, Kessler has been producing acclaimed sparkling wines in vaults that are more than 800-years old. Still adhering to the traditional method of producing these specialty wines, they are rotated by hand just as they have been for centuries and a visit to sample them is a must-do activity when visiting this beautiful town.

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16. April 2015 by Matt Long
Tag(s): Bars & Cafes Freiburg

Lienhart Bakery


Traditional Black Forest Cake At Lienhart’s Bakery in Freiburg

Traditional Black Forest Cake was actually “invented” (or at least first mentioned in print) in the early 20th century and its name comes from the distinctive liquor used in its preparation. A special tart cherry kirsch from the Black Forest is the only acceptable ingredient to add to the layers of chocolate, whipped cream and cherries that make an authentic cake, as I learned one morning in Freiburg when a local baker taught me how to make my own cake. Watching his trained hands it seemed easy, but of course it takes a lot of practice to make this now traditional and always delicious dessert.

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16. April 2015 by Víctor Gómez
Tag(s): Bars & Cafes Dresden

Pulverturm Restaurant


Sajonian food in a medieval place

Nice restaurant where taste the typical sajonian food like a medieval king. Big dishes and kindle service at few meters of the Frauenkirche




Weinige stadjes zijn zo ambigu als Saarbrücken. Duits, maar met een stevige Franse twist. En dat merk je hier overal. Zo wordt er niet alleen een aardig mondje Frans gesproken, ook de lokale gastronomie is een uitgesproken Duits-Franse kruisbestuiving. Het resultaat mag er dan ook wezen, in de Mainzerstrasse vind je maar liefst 5 Michelin sterren op een afstand van amper 500 meter. Wij lieten ons verwennen bij sterrenchef Jens Jakobs 's'Olivo' en genoten van het intieme kader, vriendelijke bediening en een explosie aan smaken. Warm aanbevolen!

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Youth HotSpot
by Fabienne Rohner
Tag(s): Bars & Cafes Dresden

Hard Rock Café - Hamburg


Let's have a drink- room 64

Room 64 is a really cool cocktail bar in Neustadt!
Nice and comfy atmosphere, but what makes this place really special is the barman!
Ask him for his special cocktail! He will cmoe to your table, ask you 4 basic questions and then go back behind the bar and prepare you a surprise cocktail based on your answers and taste! We were 5 when we went, and all cocktails tasted amazing! Mine was exactly the kind of drinks I like!
And bonus, all used juices, spices and fruits are 100% fresh and natural!

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Youth HotSpot
by Fabienne Rohner
Tag(s): Bars & Cafes Dresden

Lloyd's cafe & Bar


a coffee with a view

I came accross this cafe a little bit by chance... Just a few blocs away from the main street of Neustadt I really thought the terrace and especially the view of the Martin Luther catedral made this place a bit special.
So i enjoyed the first sun rays of february and took place outside.
This cafe is really cute and has an amazing selection of teas and coffes from around the world.
I was there on my own so I did not dare try the "Afternoon soo british Tea Time", which is basically tea, pastries and small sandwiches for 2... But it looked great on my neighbors table! ;)

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by Frederique Henrottin
Tag(s): Bars & Cafes Orscholz

Landhotel Saarschleife


Lunch gastronomique et slow food à deux pas de la boucle de la Sarre

Des ingrédients de haute qualité produits localement, une carte avec des options pouvant satisfaire chaque palais (quel que soit votre régime alimentaire), une bonne dose de créativité et de générosité : tels sont les ingrédients de la cuisine que vous pourrez déguster au Landhotel Saarschleife. Une toute bonne adresse qui ravira les gourmands qui veulent prendre le temps de bien manger !

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