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Festivals & Events in Germany

Asisi Panometer

Dresden : 1945

Setenta anos depois do bombardeio de Dresden, na Segunda Guerra Mundial, um panorama de 360 ​​graus que mostra a cidade destruída foi revelado na cidade.

O artista Yadegar Asisi criou uma imagem circular de 100 metros de largura e 30 metros de altura que mostra Dresden após os devastadores ataques aéreos dos aliados.

Entre 13-15 fevereiro de 1945, apenas alguns meses antes do fim da guerra, os bombardeiros britânicos e norte-americanos destruíram mais de 90 por cento do centro histórico da cidade, matando cerca de 25.000 pessoas. Mais de 3.900 toneladas de bombas de alto poder explosivo e dispositivos incendiários dizimaram marcos importantes do barroco em uma cidade que é considerada "a Florença do Elba".

O panorama, Dresden: 1945, fica aberto de 24 de Janeiro à 31 de maio de 2015, no gasômetro Panometer.

Tarts velünk te is és éld át, ahogyan a Biikebrennen, azaz a tavaszváró máglyarakások égetésén az északi tenger partján lakók elűzik a telet!
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Fotó © Torsten Krüger

Te is trend-határozó, alias trend-setter vagy? Akkor irány a Berlin Fashion Week, az év divatrendezvénye a német fővárosban!
#youth #festivalsevents #shopping #germany25reunified

Fotó © Caspar Diederik

Christmas Markets in Cologne

Christmas in Germany

Christmas may be over, but 11 months from now the season will be upon us and you should spend 2015 in Germany! Why?

The Christmas season is in Germany is like no other. There is no other place in the world where you can experience countless, and famous, Christmas markets that will without a doubt, put you in the holiday spirit. While the markets are open all day, it’s best to visit at night.

Many towns across Germany have decorated the streets and market squares with evergreen-lined stalls, twinkling lights and religious (and not so religious) statues to kick off the holiday season as festively as possible. If you are a foreigner in Germany at this time of year, it's difficult to miss home when Germany puts on an excellent show at Christmas time. No matter what German city you are in, you can find families and friends of all ages, walking around shopping for unique and traditional gifts, sipping on mulled wine and indulging in delicious German food. You will hear laughter amongst the Christmas carols that will make you forget about your toes and fingers tingling from the cold temperature at this time of year. It’s truly a traditional delight for all of the senses.

No trip to the German Christmas markets is complete without trying a class of glühwein, which is a combinations of red wine, spices and sugar. This traditional drink will keep you cozy and happy. Hungry? No problem! There are many stalls that sell traditional German Christmas Market food and snacks for you to enjoy such as bratwurst, mutzen, schmachtlappen and reibekuchen.

In a world where Christmas present shopping consists of the latest technology and thoughtless gift certificates, it’s nice to be able to find traditional hand carved gifts at several stalls. Not to mention, mountains of oranges and nuts, the original gift that St. Nicholas gave to people hundreds of years ago at this time of year.

While many countries around the world celebrate Christmas, no other place does it like Germany. So, if you feel that this time of year has been lacking in holiday spirit, take a trip over to this European country and be reminded what Christmas time is all about.

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15. December 2014 by Hailyu Zhang
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Rathausmarkt and 3 kings

汉堡市政厅集市与三王来朝Rathaus and Christmas market

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14. December 2014 by Hailyu Zhang
Tag(s): Festivals & Events Berlin



Magic of the moonlight

在曾经“西柏林”国际电影节的会场,还是存在手绘海报的!不过昨天太困看睡了。here had been the main film palace for 'western berlin international film festival'. Till now, they still paint post for films, like this woody Ellen 'a new one.

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14. December 2014 by Hailyu Zhang
Tag(s): Festivals & Events Cologne

Hotel windsor cologne


be careful of thieves in HBF

Uber Alles!刚一抵达酒店,就碰到一个刚在科隆火车站被抢走护照、钱包和电脑的武汉大学姑娘,听说阿尔巴尼亚小偷要回家过年了,守在大教堂那等收成。很遗憾的是,国人显然是最大粮仓。提请各位逛街者注意。Arriving hotel, met a Chinese girl student who was just stolen all(passport,wallet notepad and iPad) on HBF, local told me, those east European thieves also need 'earn' some money for backing home for Christmas, so waiting in HBF and outside of Dom, for tourists. unfortunately, they know Chinese like bring cashes.

Hospital of the Holy Spirit


Where to Find That Extra Special Holiday Gift

Get your loved ones something special with a unique story attached to it this holiday season. In Lubeck, standing in the centre of the Old Town, is the centuries-old Hospital of the Holy Spirit. Lubeck's wealthy merchants designed the building in 1280 to be a home for the elderly in order to be forgiven for their sins and gain a ticket to heaven. This is one of Europe's oldest social institutions that's used still today to host Lübeck's best-known arts and crafts fair for 10 days every December. You can get anything from unique items of clothing to wooden sculptures to one-of-a-kind jewellery.

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