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Festivals & Events in Germany

MS Dockville fesztivál a hamburgi Wilhelmsburg városrész egy volt iparterületén kerül megrendezésre augusztus 21–23. között. A különlegessége: a fesztivál a zene és a képzőművészet keverékére épül. Neked melyik bemutató a kedvenced?
#festivalsevents #dockville #youth

Fotó © MS Dockville

"Dockville“: es el festival de música y arte más famoso de Hamburgo, del del 21 al 23 de agosto de 2015
¡¡Una combinación muy singular de música y arte!!
#festivalsevents #dockville #youth

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Fotos: MS Dockville

Sheraton Congress Hotel

Frankfurt am Main

Beside forest

Sheraton Congress Hotel Frankfurt is 10 kms from airport and one stop by S-Bahn from downtown, which is besides of forest, and you can some planes passing over the forest. #joingermantradition#livingtraditions#frankfurt

Bad Homburg

Frankfurt am Main

Amazing Church and Quiet Town

Bad Homburg is just 20-minitue distance by train from Frankfurt. You can enjoy quiet town, beautiful church, and a amazing spring. #joingermantradition#livingtraditions#frankfurt

Zeilgalerie - Best view in Town

Frankfurt am Main

Shopping mall is art exhibition

The building is so modern that you even it is from out of the earth. But what I am thinking is how to keep the snow and wind out of building? haha... #joingermantradition#livingtraditions#frankfurt

Frankfurt Goethe Haus

Frankfurt am Main

Haus and Bike

Each day there are a lot of Goethe's readers coming to his house and museum. You will find many things from his time, and something you even don't know what is its use. #joingermantradition#livingtraditions#frankfurt

L‘8 agosto torna il “Reno in fiamme” da Spay/Braubach a Coblenza con fuochi d’artificio, un convoglio di navi e intrattenimento musicale
#youth #festivalsevents



Amazing show in Berlin

Summertime in Berlin. Having a good time on the open air Disney in Concert.

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